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The YogaMad is your yoga & wellness hub for learning about yoga routines, yoga therapy, yogic wisdom, meditation, health and self-care tips. Yoga means UNION of the mind, body and soul. It is a practice that goes beyond the physical, into the mental and energetic bodies, to help us achieve total wellbeing.

Pick a collection below to get in-depth guides for each step of your journey. Namaste.

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Once a stressed and anxious person always running the rat race, I have since turned my mental, physical and emotional health around through yoga.

Now, I help busy and stressed urban professionals live healthier and achieve their fullest potential in life using the practice of yoga as a foundation for balanced living.

I believe that anyone can live an amazing and fulfilling life. This journey starts with prioritizing YOU – taking actions that work on improving your mind, body and soul, to unveil the true ‘you’.

Ready to join me on this journey?

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