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We are finally on the last day of our Yoga Basics Challenge! Congrats and give yourself some credit for going so far.

Today is THE day when we put everything we learnt over the last week into a single class. For many people, this class may be easier than some of the previous ones. For others, a longer session may present a challenge to you.

Regardless, today’s theme is an awakening vinyasa yoga. The aim of this class is to wake your mind, body and soul physically and metaphorically through a flow-based practice, as you become fully aware of every movement you take in the sequence.

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Vinyasa Yoga: Synchronising Movement with Breath

Before we hop on the mat, let’s take some time to define the concept of a Vinyasa flow.

Yoga basics challenge day 7

Remember our first day? We learnt that the breath is the key thing in yoga, and learning to move with our breath is something that makes yoga different from another exercise.

Vinyasa yoga expands on this concept: In a Vinyasa class, you move through a sequence of poses seamlessly with the breath in order to achieve a continuous flow. Some teachers may pause at certain poses for a few counts, but these are not held for long unlike other forms of yoga such as Hatha yoga.

Linking movement with breath, and flowing through a sequence like a dance is at the very heart of Vinyasa yoga.

If you want to know more about other styles of yoga, you can read about them here.

Progressing with Your Yoga Journey

This challenge may have ended, but your yoga journey doesn’t. What intention are you going to set at the end of this challenge? Are you going to stop your practice, or do you want to learn more about the life of yoga and continue on?

To end this challenge, I will like to ask all of you to not give up on yoga. Whether or not you FEEL like stopping your practice, make it a point to keep your journey going, at least for one more month! A habit takes time to build, so give yourself and yoga a chance over the next month. If by the end of the month you still feel like yoga is not for you, by all means do what you need to for your soul.

For those of you who want to continue your yoga journey with me, I have a request to make! Drop me a note at candy.chan@theyogamad.com and let me know how best I can help you in your journey.

This blog has grown so much since we started in 2019, but I still have so much more to give. And I will only be able to prioritise what I should share with you when you tell me your problem or questions.

I hope to see most of you back on the mat when we resume our regular video classes.



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Yoga basics challenge day 7