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In one of my previous post on setting up a home-based yoga practice, one of the starting points is to create your personal space for your practice.

Personalizing this space is a great way to motivate yourself to get on your mat and practice yoga. It also has a great effect on your mindset as you find stillness and peace in a seemingly sacred area.

Even if this space is not permanent, there are ways to make this temporal space a cozy one for the duration of your practice.

Remember that these are only recommendations, you can add in whatever you need or remove those that you don’t; make this space yours in your own way.

At the end of this article are 8 home yoga space examples for inspiration.

Ideas for home yoga space

Benefits of a Dedicated Yoga Space at Home

There are many benefits of a home yoga space, here are a couple of the key ones:

  • Builds Discipline – having a dedicated space to practice yoga is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to create a routine and stick to it.
  • Relaxation – If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll end up with a unique yoga space that’s highly relaxing. This can be used for both yoga and meditation to help get away from the stress of everyday life.
  • Safety –  Creating a bespoke area for practicing yoga routines can ensure a safer workout. You can create an area to keep all your equipment, ensure the right floor type to prevent slipping, and make sure that you have a safe space where you won’t knock over any objects (or people).

Where to Create Your Space

Many people will recommend you to choose an open space preferably outdoors under the sunshine for your yoga practice. This is the best thing to do if you have the luxury of space.

However, if you live in a small high-rise apartment in a city like me, then such open spaces and outdoorsy areas are probably not feasible. Nonetheless, the least we can do is find a flat area that is preferably wider than 2 yoga mat width and longer than 1.5 yoga mat lengths for safety reasons.

It’s best to create your home yoga space in an area with plenty of natural lighting. According to Healthline, exposure to natural light boosts your Serotonin levels, this is associated with improving your mood and feeling calm and focused, ideal for yoga.

Try to practice near a wall too, it comes very handy for many balancing or inversion poses.

How to Create Your Home Yoga Space

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating your home yoga space:

  1. Choose your area and clear it
  2. Light it up
  3. Decorate your space
  4. Get the correct equipment
  5. Set the ambiance

Below, we’ll take a look at each of these steps in detail and I’ll share some of my favorite items and recommendations that you can use.

1. Choose Your Area and Clear It

Once you’ve chosen an area using some of the criteria in the previous section, you’ll want to clear out everything currently in the space. A clear space will help give you a clear mind and keep you much more focused.

Your home yoga studio should only contain the essential items and some well-placed décor to create a happy space, more on this later.

2. Light It Up

As mentioned earlier, your home yoga space will ideally be located near a window for natural light. However, if this isn’t possible, you can use artificial lighting to ensure it’s nice and bright.

Wall lights or standing floor lamps are ideal for a home yoga studio, this is because ceiling lights can be off-putting.

This LED floor lamp is great because it is 2,400 lumens and can be adjusted to provide different shades of white to change the color temperature of the room.

You can also try smart light bulbs that change color, this can be good for setting different ambiance depending upon your mood. I recommend Philips Hue bulbs for reliability, although you will need to purchase a bridge to access all the features which can be pricey.

You should avoid fluorescent lighting strips which can emit a humming noise and distract you. Any lighting that hangs down like a chandelier is also best to avoid unless you have a very high ceiling.

3. Decorate Your Space

Next, you need to decorate the space to make it feel like a proper yoga studio.

Try to choose a consistent color palette with calm and relaxing colors. Cool colors are proven to be associated with restfulness and make your room feel more spacious.

Try to choose a consistent color palette with calm and relaxing colors. Cool colors are proven to be associated with restfulness and make your room feel more spacious (source). I’m a big fan of pastel colors such as blues and greens.

Here are some ideas of home décor items to spruce up your yoga space:


The best way to improve your home yoga studio is with plants. Not only are they visually appealing, but they improve the air quality

Here are some recommended plants for your yoga room:

  • Rubber plant – These plants are super flexible and very versatile, they can grow as small or big as you wish depending upon what size pot you put them in.
  • Peace Lily – These are great plants that can survive with little sunlight so are perfect if your yoga room has little natural light.
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe vera is known as a healing plant due to its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antiseptic properties, don’t trust us, trust the science that says this. It makes the perfect addition to your room of wellness.
  • Lemongrass – Add an aroma to your home studio with some lemongrass. Alternatively, rosemary is great for its aroma too. Both can also be used when cooking or in tea which is an even better reason to have them.


In an ideal world, you would decorate plain walls with your own paintings, however, if you don’t have the time to get creative, you can also find some wonderful designs on amazon. You can also put up educational posters or wall planners.

Here are some different options depending upon the vibe and color scheme you are looking for:


I’ve included mirrors under décor items, but they could also fall under the equipment section below as they are dual purpose.

Not only do mirrors make your space look and feel bigger, but they also allow more natural light to circulate the room, and are great for practicing poses.

I prefer full-length mirrors such as the one here so you can see your whole body during yoga, or for a cheaper option, you can use mirror tiles that attach to your wall.

Alternatively, if you’re using mirrors for a more decorative effect, this bohemian mirror or this set of 5 moon shape mirrors has a nice style that will work with the zen feel of your yoga and meditation space.


Finally, some other decorations dotted around the room can add that final touch to your space. This might include statues, hanging wall decorations, tapestries, or something as simple as paper lanterns from Ikea.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Buddha Statue – A Buddha statue is a must-have accessory in any yoga and meditation space, they come in all shapes and sizes like this one that I have in my space.
  • Tapestry – If you have lots of empty wall space, you can utilize it with a large tapestry-like this bohemian style tapestry.
  • Healing Crystals – you’ll know from this blog that I’m a big lover of healing crystals and they are a great way to get the energy flowing in your space. See my full guide to healing crystals for more about them.
  • Gemstone Tree – Alternatively, you could try a gemstone tree like this one in the colors of the 7 chakras. A Gemstone tree is a handmade tree with gemstones as the leaves, wires as the branches, and a wooden base that represents the trunk.

Bohemian Tapestry

Healing Crystals Set


Gemstone Tree

4. Get the Correct Equipment

The next step is to kit your home yoga space out with the correct equipment.

I have a full guide to the equipment for practicing yoga at home which is worth checking out, but here’s a quick run-through of the essentials:

Yoga Mat – A mat is the core piece of equipment that you cannot go without. I use a Liforme Yoga Mat. These mats are very grippy, this stops me from slipping on my hands such as in Downward Dog, but also provide alignment guides that are amazing for self-adjustments and learning to feel the ‘right’ positioning of the body in a pose.

Yoga Blocks – After finding some of the cheaper blocks disintegrating, I’ve since stuck to Gaiam yoga blocks, which provide decent quality for an affordable price.

Straps – these are especially important for people with tight muscles as they can help you achieve a  pose without compromising on your alignment or overstretching the muscles. I recommend this Manduka Align Yoga Strap.

Meditation Cushion – If your room is going to double up as a home meditation space, get some meditation cushions in there. I use cushions conveniently found at home, but you can also get a higher quality one filled with kapok or buckwheat like those from Peace Yoga.

5. Set the Ambiance

Now that you have everything set up in your home yoga space, you’ll want to set the ambiance of the room ready for your yoga sessions.

Here are some great ways to create a relaxing and mindful space:

Diffuser and Essential Oils

Essential oil diffusers are pretty amazing tools for the aromatherapy fans out there. I used to have essential oil burners until I realized that heat destroys the health benefits of essential oils. Since then, I have switched to ultrasonic diffusers which also double up as a night light.

Use essential oils in one of these diffusers to fill your yoga space with your favorite scents, lift your mood and relax.

Try Bergamot to help you destress, Lavender for sleep, or Eucalyptus for immunity (there are many other types of oils, but these are the ones I use regularly).

Get these individually or go for a starter set such as Plant Therapy’s Top 14 Singles Set including all the 3 oils mentioned above. We like Plant Therapy because of its commitment to quality. Every bottle has a specific batch code directly linked to the testing reports for each batch of oil. You can see each essential oil’s GC/MS report (in simple terms, the oil’s unique identity and properties) at any time in the Test Reports of each oil’s product page.

TIP: If you are using your diffuser, make sure to use only 100% essential oils to prevent clogging and needing to clean it after every use

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Plant Therapy Singles Set

Bergamot Essential Oil

Candles or Incense

If a diffuser is not your thing, you can try a room mist or scented candles such as those by Wax and Oils, I love the Peppermint Eucalyptus scent.

You can opt to light up your space with a few tea light candles, however, I would recommend a more environmentally friendly version (and much safer) with LED candles such as these.

 For a more traditional method, try lighting up an incense stick. This is sure to put you in a mood for yoga or meditation.

Your Favourite Playlist

For me, my fave meditation tunes are usually from Insight Timer or one of the meditation playlists on Apple iTunes. Most of these have been pre-downloaded on my phone since I have the subscription for both platforms.

Home Yoga Space Inspiration

Here’s a curated collection of some of my favorite spaces for doing yoga at home to help inspire your project:

What do you think yogis? Do you already have a space at home for your home practice? If not, would you like to start a home-based practice?

Let me know what you think and put your questions below!