Yoga at home: Creative ideas for your home yoga space

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In one of my previous post on setting up a home-based yoga practice, one of the starting points is to create your personal space for your practice.

Personalizing this space is a great way to motivate yourself to get on your mat and practice yoga. It also has a great effect on your mindset as you find stillness and peace in a seemingly sacred area.

Even if this space is not permanent, there are ways to make this temporal space a cosy one for the duration of your practice.

Along with the theme of home yoga practice, in this post, you can find

  1. Our step by step tips on setting up your home yoga practice + free practice planners HERE
  2. How to get creative in finding and personalizing your yoga space. These recommendations are based off what I use and other yogis’ pick in 2019

Remember that these are only recommendations, you can add in whatever you need or remove those that you don’t; make this space yours in your own way.

Ideas for home yoga space

Where to create your space

Many people will recommend you to choose an open space preferably outdoors under the sunshine for your yoga practice. This is definitely the best thing to do if you have the luxury of space.

However, if you live in anything like Hong Kong or Singapore in a small high-rise apartment, then such open spaces and outdoorsy areas are probably not feasible. Nonetheless, the least we can do is find a flat area that is preferably wider than 2 yoga mat width and longer than 1.5 yoga mat length for safety reasons.

Try to practice near a wall too, it comes very handily for many balancing or inversion poses.

Creative ways to make a personal home yoga space


Essential oil diffusers are pretty amazing tools for the aromatherapy fans out there. I used to have essential oil burners until I realised that heat destroys the health benefits of essential oils. Since then, I have switched to ultrasonic diffusers which also double up as a night light. Fill your yoga space with your favourite scents using one of these three five star essential oil diffusers

Aromatherapy or essential oils

Use essential oils to lift your mood or relax. Try Bergamot to help you destress, Lavender for sleep, or Eucalyptus for immunity (there are many other types of oils, but these are the ones I use on a regular basis).

Get these individually or go for a starter set such as Plant Therapy’s Top 14 Singles Set including all the 3 oils mentioned above. We like Plant Therapy because of its commitment to quality. Every bottle has a specific batch code directly linked to the testing reports for each batch of oil. You can see each essential oil’s GC/MS report (in simple terms, the oil’s unique identity and properties) at any time in the Test Reports of each oil’s product page.

TIP: If you are using your diffuser, make sure to use only 100% essential oils to prevent clogging and needing to clean it after every use

Candles, Mist, Incense:

If a diffuser is not your thing, you can try a room mist or scented candles such as those by Wax and Oils. Light up your space with a few tea light candles. You can choose a more environmentally friendly version with LED lights or traditional candles. For a more traditional method, try lighting up an incense. This will definitely put you in a mood for yoga or meditation.

Paintings, lanterns, wall décor

Decorate plain walls with your own paintings or get simple paper lanterns from Ikea.

Wall decor: Lantern

Meditation cushion

I use cushions conveniently found at home, but you can also get a higher quality one filled with kapok or buckwheat like those from Peace Yoga.

Home Practice Planner

You can use our downloadable home practice planner, or create one of your own using planning systems such as the Bullet Journal system

Home practice Journal

If you have downloaded our Home Yoga Setup eBook, there are templates already provided for your practice journal. Otherwise, you can write in a quality journal. I write my non-yoga thoughts on the beautiful Paperblanks journals – am currently on my third journal already!

Your favourite playlist

For me, my fave meditation tunes are usually from Insight Timer or one of the meditation playlists on Apple iTunes. Most of these have been pre-downloaded on my phone since I have the subscription for both platforms.

What do you think yogis? Do you already have a space at home for your home practice? If not, would you like to start a home-based practice?

Let me know what you think and put your questions below!

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