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Adriene Mishler is one of the most well-known yoga YouTubers and her free videos provide excellent at-home classes for beginners. If you’re planning to follow along with Adriene in your home yoga practice, a decent mat is essential. So, which yoga mat does Adriene use?

Adriene almost exclusively uses Manduka Pro Lite yoga mats and has done for many years. She has also recommended Manduka mats in response to questions on her social media. However, from time to time you might also spot her using a Jade Harmony mat too.

Keep reading to find out exactly which designs she has and where you can find her using them in action. At the end, I’ll also reveal some of the yoga clothes and props that I recognized her wearing.

Who is Adriene Mishler?

Originally an actress, Adriene Mishler is now best known for her YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene. She launched her channel way back in 2012 and now has 10 million subscribers and has racked up 100 million views since then.

Adriene’s ‘beginner-friendly’ style has helped with her success and the growth in popularity of home yoga workouts during this period (especially during 2020) cannot be overlooked.

Her style is almost a mash-up of hatha and vinyasa that’s aimed at beginners with lots of movement incorporated and a ‘find what feels good’ approach that differs from many in-person classes.

Which Yoga Mats Does Adriene Use?

In most of her YouTube videos, Adriene Mishler uses Manduka Pro Lite yoga mats. If you scroll back through her uploads, she has used them for many years and appears to have quite a collection of colors.

Although she has now turned off comments on her YouTube channel, back when they were enabled, she would recommend Manduka products in response to viewer questions and old tweets such as this one show her recommending Manduka Pro Lite.

Back in 2018, Adriene also created an influencer store page on Amazon with collections of products she recommends. Of course, she featured the Manduka Pro Lite mat in this collection.

So why does she pick Manduka over alternative brands such as Lululemon, Liforme, and Jade Yoga? Well, the Pro Lite is easily one of the best yoga mats on the market and I have recently featured it in several of my buyers guides.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of the Pro Lite range:

Manduka Pro Lite

The Manduka Pro Lite mats are the thinner version of Manduka’s signature Pro range.

At 4.7mm thick and weighing 1.8kg (4lbs ) for the standard size, the Pro Lite is light enough to carry around with you to classes but still provides adequate cushion for your knees. You can always fold it over if you like.

Another benefit is durability. Being made from PVC, these are some of the most durable mats on the market and come with a lifetime warranty that will replace them within 10 years if they become significantly worn.

However, the downside to PVC is that it’s not environmentally friendly. It comes from non-renewable sources and isn’t recyclable or biodegradable. See my guide to eco-friendly yoga mats for alternatives if this is important to you.

Here are some of the different designs of Manduka Pro Lite mats that Adriene uses:

Back in 2018, Adriene launched her 30-day True yoga series in which she was using a limited edition Manduka Pro mat, identifiable from the split colors as can be seen in this video. (As you’d expect from a limited edition range, these are no longer available.)

Other Yoga Mats Used by Adriene

Back when Adriene had a much smaller channel around 2015, she would also recommend other brands such as Jade Yoga and Gaiam.

If you’re an eagle-eyed viewer like me, you might also spot her using a Jade Harmony yoga mat in her YouTube videos from time to time, although she doesn’t seem to recommend them on social media anymore.

Here are some videos of her using Jade Harmony:

What Other Yoga Props Does Adriene Use?

Adriene rarely uses props anymore, this is a credit to her beginner-friendly style which helps it appeal to anyone. When she does use props, she often recommends everyday alternatives. For example, she recommends books instead of yoga blocks or a tie instead of yoga straps.

This is great if you’re a beginner and don’t’ want to spend a lot or if you’re often on the go and can’t carry props with you.

However, if you look back at some of her older videos, you’ll spot her using Gaiam Essentials yoga blocks such as this YouTube video where she uses blocks to help with hip stretches.

You’ll also spot Adriene using straps such as in this video where she helps with hamstring stretches. It’s unclear exactly which strap she uses, although it looks very similar to the Yoga Direct straps which also feature a plastic clip.

Related Questions

What Size Yoga Mat Does Adriene Use?

Given that Adriene is 5’6” (66” or 1.68m) tall and can lie in Shavasana with her whole body just about on the mat, it seems that her Manduka Pro Lite mat is the standard size which is 71” (180cm) long.

A good rule of thumb with yoga mats is that they should be about 15cm (6”) longer than your height. See my full guide to choosing the correct size yoga mat for more information.