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When choosing the color of your yoga mat or even your entire home yoga space, it’s important to remember the symbolism of colors and the emotions they evoke as this can impact your practice.

The color of an object isn’t the color that it is, but the colors of the spectrum that it reflects. When the white light hits a red yoga mat, it will absorb all of the other colors but reflect red back at us.

Colors are thought to be so powerful, that the Egyptians used them as a method of curing disease and they are still used as an alternative treatment today. (source)

In this article, I’ll share the meanings of the main colors that you’ll find and some of my favorite yoga mats for each color.

Tips for Choosing a Yoga Mat Color

A few general principles to keep in mind when choosing the color for your yoga mat or yoga room:

  • Colors with a longer wavelength such as red and orange are more arousing and can help you feel energized if you’re generally quite lethargic.
  • If you find yourself with too much energy to relax during yoga or meditation, look to the opposite end of the spectrum to shorter wavelength colors such as blue or violet which are more gentle.
  • Pastel shades can feel more tranquil since they are less saturated than primary colors.
  • If choosing the colors to paint a room, try more neutral colors so that you can mix it up with different colored mats and accessories to change the mood as you please.
  • Remember the material of your yoga mat too, the way it feels can also impact your mood. Choosing a cotton yoga rug instead of a yoga mat can help you feel closer to nature and more traditional.

What Color Yoga Mat Should I Get?

Here is a rundown of the popular yoga mat colors and their associated meanings:

Red – Energetic, Empowerment

Chakra: Muladhara (root)

Red is a highly energetic color, it’s associated with power and ambition. Use a red yoga mat if you want to feel empowered. It has become associated with success and attraction in clothing (source) and the same can be said about your accessories like yoga mats.

Performing yoga routines in a red environment can make you feel more energetic because the color is proven by science to make people act with more force. (source)

But it’s also the color of anger so it can also be harder to find peace and tranquillity in a red setting. I wouldn’t recommend a red yoga room, but you could certainly have red yoga equipment and accessories for days where you want to feel more energetic.

Products I like:

Orange – Playful, Enthusiastic, Confident

Chakra: Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)

Sitting nicely between red and yellow we have orange which draws on elements from both of these colors.

Orange has one of the longest wavelengths of all colors (except red) which can be experienced as arousing or warm (source), but orange tends to feel more cheerful way than red which can be associated with stoplights and red marks on exams.

Orange can be associated with boosting self-esteem and confidence so you might find yourself being more adventurous with your yoga poses.

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Purple – Wisdom, Divinity, Royalty

Chakra: Ajna (Third-Eye)

The color purple is connected to wisdom and knowledge. The color is cool enough to calm us but also stimulating which makes it perfect for the introspective elements of yoga.

Different shades of purple can have slightly different emotions. If you opt for violet instead, which has more blue pigments than your typical purple, it evokes a feeling of royalty and divinity.

Violet is the color commonly associated with sahasrara (the crown chakra) because it deals with the soul and all things divine.

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Blue – Calm, Soothing

Chakra: Vishuddha (Throat Chakra)

Blue is a soothing color that is associated with calmness and tranquility. It is commonly associated with the sky and the ocean, both of which can make you feel very relaxed with their vast openness.

Choose a blue-colored yoga mat if you want to feel relaxed and free during your yoga practice. Pastel color blues tend to feel more tranquil whereas deeper blues can evoke a more imaginative routine.

Blue is associated with the throat chakra, called vishuddha which literally means ‘to purify’.

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Green – Natural, Positivity, Renewal

Chakra: Anahata (Heart Chakra)

Green is undeniably the color of nature and can help you feel closer to the Earth during your yoga workout.

In a study that asked respondents to attribute colors to emotions, the color green was found to be overwhelmingly positive and evoked feelings of relaxation because of its close ties to nature.

Even the word itself comes from the Old English word grene, which, like the German word grün, comes from the same root as the words grass and grow.

A vibrant green such as those used in the Liforme mats might be associated with environmentalism and the feeling of preserving the Earth. Whereas a lime green might be more associated with spring as trees turn green and shoots emerge from the Earth, evoking a feeling of revival and renewal. You can feel inspired by practicing tree pose on your green yoga mat.

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Pink – Love, Devotion

Pink is the color of love that can represent love for ourselves and others around us. This color can feel more caring and help you connect with your inner child.

It’s often considered to be a feminine color because of the associations we make from a young age , it is liked with qualities that we might link with mothers and women such as softness, kindness, nurturance, and compassion. (source)

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Yellow – Happiness, Joy

Chakra: Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Yellow is considered to be a happy color, think of all those smiley face emojis.

It reminds us of those sunny days and the welcoming warmth that the sun provides as it rises in the sky each day. Paint your yoga room yellow and get a yellow mat, this is sure to bring you joy even on the dullest of days.

Yellow is associated with good luck and health in many cultures. Yellow healing stones are also very positive, for example, citrine stones are associated with warmth, hope, and removing negativity.

Products I like (there aren’t a lot of yellow yoga mats):

Black – Elegance, Mystery

Now we’ll move on to look at the different tones. Black is a very popular choice for yoga mats. Black retains the entire spectrum of light which makes it seem strong and powerful.

It evokes a feeling of elegance and luxury with its association with formal suits and fancy black cars, perhaps why many brands have used it to try and make their mats feel more premium.

I like to think of the mystery that surrounds black. It’s the shade of the night sky which in itself contains many mysteries such as stars, planets, and black holes.

Products I like:

Grey – Subtlety, Routine

Grey is a lighter tone than black and is usually favored by those who like to blend in because of its subtlety. This will help you establish a regular routine. If you don’t want to attract attention in yoga classes, a grey mat is a perfect choice.

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White – Purity, Balance, Cleanliness

White is the opposite of black, it doesn’t retain any of the spectrum and reflects all colors with no bias or favoring towards any particular hue which is why we associate it with purity and balance. (source)

White is also associated with cleanliness because it will easily reveal dirt. If you’re familiar with the 8 limbs of yoga (8 steps towards enlightenment), you might have heard of Saucha which is part of the second limb. This means cleanliness, not just of your body but of your mind and your surroundings.

Outside of yoga, white is generally a color that makes a space feel more spacious so it’s a great color for a home studio to make it feel bigger.

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