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Check out the Top 100 Yoga Blogs

Top 100 Yoga Blogs Online

As more blogs emerge annually, it may be challenging to follow up with all the blogs online. This is why I like to use ranking sites that research the best websites on the web-based on standardised criteria so that we are left with a list of quality blogs with great content.

On this note, I have been using Feedspot for quite some time now as a time-saving tool for reading blogs of all genres, not only health or yoga-related ones.

So it is a real honour to know that The YogaMad blog is now ranked on Feedspot at #46 of Feedspot’s list of Top 100 Yoga Blogs on the web.

As a relatively new blog founded in 2019, we have worked really hard to produce quality content and it gives me great encouragement to know that our efforts have been acknowledged and valued by our readers.

Thank you so much for your support! We will continue to put our readers as our top priority and work towards becoming even better moving forward.

Finally, I would like to mention that the Feedspot list of Top 100 Yoga Blogs is really useful for those of you searching for yoga and health resources. Do check out some of the blogs listed – each blog has a different focus and flavour to suit different peoples’ needs.

So keep reading, keep practising (yoga) and I hope that we will see each other more often on and off the mat.

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