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Almost everyday I get asked about the products and resource I use and recommend. This page aims to provide a one-stop answer to those of you who are looking to quickly find solutions that you can trust.

These products are all things which I have tried and used – I only recommend those that I personally support and believe to be really useful. I do get a small commission if you purchase from the links below, at no extra cost to you (and you have my sincere and heartfelt thanks for this!).

Hope you enjoy the products as much as I do!

Yoga Equipment

Best overall yoga mat - Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga mat

Yoga Mat - Best Overall

If you're looking for a versatile yoga mat that suits all occasion, the Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat is your best bet. It is an all rounded performer that is grippy and cushion-y, yet lightweight all at the same time. Click Here

Most recommended studio mat topper - Liforme Travel yoga mat

Yoga mat - Best for Alignment

Liforme is one of the best yoga mat doesn't slip no matter how much I sweat. It also has alignment markers to help with asana practices. This travel version more portable than the original one, and is great to bring for studio classes. Click Here

Best travel yoga mat - Yogo Travel Yoga Mat with carry strap

Best Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

I've tried many travel yoga mats, and Yogo is my favourite because it is super compact, comes with an attached carry strap, is ultra lightweight, non-slip yet supportive. Don't miss out on your practice when travelling anymore! Click Here

Best hot yoga towel - Shandali

Hot Yoga Towel

This Shandali towel changed my entire hot yoga experience; It gets grippier when wetter and allowed me to stop slipping dangerously around during hot yoga practices. Use this for your next sweaty practice. Click Here

Most recommended yoga blocks - Gaiam

Foam Yoga Block

Yoga asanas require the right alignment and form to get the best of the poses. The Gaiam Yoga Block is firm yet not overly hard or too mushy unlike most foam blocks. Click Here

Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block

Cork yoga blocks are sturdier and do not wear out as fast as foam yoga blocks. These are great for poses that require stability or weight bearing, as they do not sink as much as foam blocks. Click Here

Most recommended yoga straps - Gaiam

Yoga Strap

One of the best way to gain flexibility fast is to use a yoga strap to deepen your poses during backbends, twists or forward folds. Get this  yoga strap - it is cheap but very useful. Click Here 

Best meditation pillow - Brentwood Home Crystal Cove

Meditation Pillow

Any long period of sitting causes aches in my lower back. I tend to prevent them using a good yoga pillow - get this 100% vegan designer pillow that provides just the right height and support for a more comfortable practice. Click Here


Best iron supplement without causing nausea or constipation - Floradix iron tablets

Iron Supplement

As written in my article, Floradix is the only iron supplement I use daily. Unlike most iron supplements, it doesn't cause nausea or constipation, and has an apparent effect on energy and focus levels. Get the liquid or tablet version.

Organic maca root powder in capsule form - Gaia

Maca Root Powder

Maca root is known to increase stamina and balance emotions and energy. You can consume its raw powdered form (great for smoothies and addition to food) or get it in convenient capsules. Get organic maca root capsules here.

Prebiotic Fiber for feeding healthy gut bacteria colonies

Vegan Prebiotics

Prebiotics are the fertilizers for your gut - it feeds and increases the number of beneficial bacteria (including probiotic bacteria) to improve overall health. This powder can be added to any food, doesn't have a strong taste, and is not affected by heat, stomach acid, or time. Click Here.

Best green powder for getting your daily superfood intake - Amazing Grass

Greens Powder

Getting your '5 a day' worth of greens is not easy especially if you tend to travel a lot or are away from the convenience of healthy food options. Sneak in your vitamins with this greens powder. For those who hate the taste of vegetables, add this to juices or almond milk to make it tastier. Click Here

Health Tools

Vitamix 5300

Best Blender for Beginners

The Vitamix 5300 is my current blender for all smoothies, soups and sauces. For those just starting out on your blending journey, this is a simple and straightforward system with no pre-programming. Click Here

Best BPA free waterbottle - Nalgene

BPA-Free Workout Waterbottle

I like to bring a reusable bottle for my workouts. Nalgene bottles are BPA free and very hardy - they can be used for years and survive long haul travels across continents. Click Here

Most recommended hot / cold water flask - Hydro Flask

Flask for Hot / Cold Drinks

For days when I want ice cold water after an intense workout, I pre-make my drink and store it in this flask. Keeps drinks cold for up to 24hrs, and hot for 6+ hrs. It's also made with pro-grade stainless steel and BPA-free material. Click Here

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Shop inspirational wearables: Healing crystal mala beads and jewellery, printed leggings, inspirational apparel

Find Healing Crystal Jewellery​

Did you know that what we wear can affect our mood and mindset. That is why I believe The YogaMad shop will be helpful for those of you looking for inspirational wearables that can empower you and help you live out your intentions.

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