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Thailand is known as ‘the land of smiles’ and you’re sure to come back with a smile on your face after visiting one of the incredible Thai yoga retreats.

A typical yoga retreat in Thailand will include daily yoga sessions, meditation, healthy food, and the idyllic surroundings that the country has to offer. Look out for some retreats that focus specifically on weight loss if that’s your goal.

In this guide, I’ve pulled together a list of the best resorts to help plan your next trip. At the end of this article, I’ve created a comparison table to help you compare the amenities side-by-side.

Best Overall: Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

The Mangosteen Resort is one of Thailand’s most popular yoga retreats offering more than 30 different retreat packages from 3 to 15 days. You can choose a program that best suits your requirements with options such as cleanse or active.

All of the retreats include 2 daily yoga sessions and a wealth of home-cooked food. There’s a huge staff of yoga instructors so you’ll get to experience a broad range of styles with a different instructor each day, including hatha, kundalini, vinyasa, yin, dynamic, and restorative yoga.

Intimate Retreat: Flow Yoga Chiang Mai

This boutique yoga retreat just outside of Chiang Mai offers Vinyasa, Vipassana, and Restorative yoga to small groups of no more than 6 people which makes it a very intimate experience.

Along with yoga practice, there are meditation sessions and free use of their bike so that you can get out into the beautiful surroundings of Northern Thailand.

It is organized by Amori Thang who was trained in Vinyasa in New York City but now tries to blend Thai and Western cultures in her practice. Included in the price is a 1-hour traditional Thai massage which will help you relax.

Incredible Veggie Food: Museflower Retreat and Spa

Whilst most retreats in Northern Thailand are in Chiang Mai, Museflower Retreat and Spa is across in the smaller and more laid back city of Chiang Rai.

These retreats aren’t just about yoga, there’s a big focus on overall wellness and wellbeing. In addition to Hatha yoga classes at least once a day, there are meditation classes, group wellness sessions, spa treatments, and a Himalayan crystal salt pool.

I also wanted to give a big shout-out to their food which is a daily buffet made entirely from organic vegetables from the on-site farm.

Unlike the other retreats, there are no set dates for this retreat, simply find a date that works for you and check availability.

A Touch of Luxury: Ban Sabai Village & Spa

This is one of the most expensive yoga retreats in Thailand but also one of the most luxurious. It is held at Ban Sabai Village & Spa which is a 5-star resort with a gym, pool, spa, a lush garden, and fully equipped rooms and villas.

 The retreats last anything from 4 to 12 days with a focus on Hatha and Vipassana styles of yoga. Depending upon which package you choose, you could have access to an aroma bath, Thai herbal steam bath, Thai body and face massages, manicures, and more.

They can also help arrange excursions to nearby activities such as kayak tours, elephant sanctuaries, hot springs, etc. However, when you’re paying so much to stay in a luxury resort, I’d recommend getting the most out of their facilities as you can. You can always book a cheaper hotel to try some of the external activities afterward.

To Feel Inspired: Shakti Yoga

Shakti yoga retreat can be found on the island of Koh Phangan where they run retreats up to 15 days with groups of no more than 8 people.

The retreats are branded as an emotional detox aimed at people who or feeling unfulfilled or have reached a crossroads. The self-healing practices from across the world and stunning surroundings will help provide that inspiration you need.

There aren’t any lectures or workshops at this retreat, instead, you’ll spend your days getting down to it with morning, afternoon, and evening yoga and meditation sessions.

Best for Variety: TAYSP

TAYSP is a retreat in Phuket that focuses on teaching Ashtanga to beginners, experts, and even aspiring yoga teachers via their yoga teacher training courses.

They have a large range of retreat packages depending upon what you’re looking for, these include:

  • Weight loss
  • Detox
  • Yoga therapy
  • Yoga teacher training

The retreats range from 7 up to 28 days and include daily yoga sessions, meditation, detox procedures and treatments, workshops, lectures, healthy eating, and more. Check each of the packages to find a full schedule of what you’ll be up to.

Then there’s the surroundings, it’s located near the south of the island of Phuket in Thailand, but it’s well away from the bustling tourist areas so you’ll get lots of peace and relaxation.

Best Short Retreat: Mind Yoga Retreat

This short 2 day, 1 night yoga retreat takes place about an hour north of Bangkok and makes the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is organized by instructor Philaipun Chanyutthana and takes place at IngNatee which is a riverside resort surrounded by lush jungle.

This area is very much off the tourist trail so you’ll be welcomed by locals and can take advantage of the peace and quiet. During the 2 day retreat, expect yoga, guided meditations and you’ll learn about Buddhist culture and Thai lifestyle.

Best Value for Money: Wonderland Healing Center

The Wonderland Healing Center in Koh Phangan is one of the most highly rated yoga retreats in Thailand with guests saying that ‘value for money’ is one of their biggest advantages. With retreats starting from as little as $27 per day, it’s no wonder that value is their strong point.

Despite being a good price, they still have lots to offer. Like most retreats, they have daily yoga and meditation sessions, but a few unique things that I really like about this one is regular meetings with their detoxification specialist, dance, sound healing, and a herbal steam sauna.

They also have a great outdoor swimming pool which you can use throughout your stay and they cater to all levels of expertise from complete beginners up to experienced yogis.

Best for Weight Loss: Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym

The Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym in north-central Thailand (about halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai) offers a blend of exercise, wellness, and relaxation to help achieve your fitness goals.

Although they offer a 7-day package, their most popular retreats are the longer 28, 56, and 90-day packages. Expect to take part in Hatha yoga, Muay Thai, Crossfit, and outdoor activities which will help you shed that extra weight.

However, the retreat isn’t just about your fitness goals, they will also help you to detoxify your life through meditation and visits to local Buddhist temples.

The prices per night are very reasonable, although they can soon mount up if you choose one of the longer packages. You won’t stay at the camp itself, but at the nearby Kwang Sai Hotel owned by the same family which is included in the price.

Best for Fitness: Visit Natural Detox Resort

Based on Koh Samui, retreats at the Visit Natural Detox Resort work on both your mind and body. There is meditation and daily yoga classes with a mix of hatha, yin, and ashtanga styles. The classes are best suited to beginners and intermediate yogis.

Then for your body, expect daily cardio and Strength/Conditioning classes with your own trainer for support.

Plus, you’ll be located on one of Thailand’s best islands surrounded by tropical beaches and beautiful forests. This is one of the cheaper yoga retreats in Thailand, with prices starting from $37 per day for 8-15 day retreats.

For Yoga and Muay Thai: Honour Muay Thai

At Honour Muay Thai Camp there’s a program of twice daily yoga practice alongside regular Muay Thai classes, the national sport of Thailand. In addition, there’s also food tasting and a cooking class included in the price.

Unlike the Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym earlier, this one is less about your fitness goals and more about having fun. Honour Muay Thai Camp is located in Krabi in Southern Thailand which is a great launching off point to discover some of the best Thai islands such as Koh Phi Phi after your stay.