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Mindfulness for Seniors - Infographic

Growing older can be a challenge for some people in that they are aware it has to happen because that is natural but it still presents fears and anxieties for people. Growing older is, of course, a privilege especially if one has one’s health. The latter years in a person’s life can truly be wonderful as the regular stresses and strains of working life are no longer around.

Yet, growing older is also not without its challenges too however as people can find this lack of what they see as “purpose” coming to a halt. Previously they might have been used to a 5-day working week for example, only for this to be no more. And so they need time to get used to this “new normal”.

Adjustment to growing older is therefore important and people need to give themselves time in order to acclimatize to this new routine. Of course, it’s going to be unusual and daunting not to have a workplace to go to every day but it’s about finding new purpose in life which might be a new hobby or just taking more time for recreational activities that there previously was no time for due to work commitments.

We hear a lot about mindfulness in today’s world and there is a lot of literature and videos on the topic on the Internet. Actually practicing mindfulness definitely takes practice but it is an activity that can instill something new in someone, especially an older person going through the adjustment period into a new segment of their life.

How Mindfulness Protects You as You Get Older

The guys at Be Independent have put together this infographic below that outlines everything you need to know with regards to mindfulness and older people. The art of being mindful is hugely helpful for everyone but especially for older people as they progress through older ages.

The infographic examines exactly what mindfulness constitutes; it outlines some possible mindfulness tactics and it explains why practicing mindfulness will assist someone in their later years to be happier and more content in themselves. The infographic contains lots more nuggets of information on the topic of mindfulness overall so check out the full details below!

Mindfulness for Seniors