Meet Candy

My journey from feeling stuck and unhappy, to finding fulfilment through achieving mind-body-soul balance based on a foundation of a deeply personal yoga practice. And now I live to help others find built on a strong foundation of mind-body-soul balance.

About Candy

Stuck in the Culturescape

It was at the age of 25 that the feeling of being 'stuck' in life started.

I was by every means to the modern world a 'successful' woman, having climbed the corporate ladder and making more than most of my peers (which I was highly grateful for).

But I hated the rat race.

It was easy for me to thrive in the system of money-go-round, but it was meaningless. Every day I worked like a dog for 15-16 hours, sleeping less than 5 hours daily, and working out on free days just to gain some mental clarity.

Yet I did NOTHING about this unhappiness for many years on.

Everyone lived this way.. right?

Run the rat race, climb up the ranks, earn money, go through the motions, and ignore that unhappiness.

Then Yoga happened and I started changing my perspective towards life, and what it means to live

I was introduced to yoga through online apps, about 10 years ago, after sustaining a running injury. Yoga was originally meant to help me continue moving my body safely and to recuperate from the injury.

Yet through the asana practice, I started experiencing a profound improvement in my mental wellbeing, my energy levels and overall happiness.

I started practising yoga as an internal AND external practice. Meditation and pranayama became part of the routine. I moved away from the studios that focused only on the asanas, to those that integrated breath (for the soul) and meditation (for the mind).


About Candy

The more I fed my personal practice, the more it became clear...

That we can choose to live happier. We can take a different path. We can step away from cultural expectations and live a life of purpose.

All it takes is a choice. A choice to stop running after that pot of gold, or to climb up the social ladder.

So I made that choice.

I started a blog to write down some of the things I'd learnt and share it with the world. This blog has grown to become what you are reading right now.

I also went for yoga teacher training in India, this trip changed my life.

And I re-stated my intention to live life to the fullest. Live as though I have no other day.

About Candy

मृतकला or the art of dying is now tattoed on my skin to remind myself that the only certainty in life is death, not money nor career nor the rat race.

To celebrate this decision, I took a career break and have been living as a digital nomad, to travel the world, and to help people in the working world - whether entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers, etc - to find their fulfilment in life too!

One of the 8 limbs of yoga is Aparigraha or letting go. Take only what we need in life, and let go of the rest.

Let go of expectations.

Embrace life as it happens.

Yoga is not just about the asanas, it's a holistic way of living.

Living a let go life is crazy hard, and mind you, it is not for everyone. But... it gets easier. We all have to start somewhere.

It's your turn now ...

Are you ready to live a fulfilling life that aligns with your mind, body and soul?

I know that many of you are here because you thirst for something different, to live differently from the life that your society or parents expect you to.

Some of you may be yogis, some are completely new to the practice. But if you are still reading on, it means you are ready to start your personal journey of growth.

So make the decision today to act on your intention and let your journey begin.

Know that I will give everything I've got to be your partner on and off the mat.

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