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Born and bred Singaporean, I have very blessed to be brought up in a country defined by cultural diversity and opportunities. This has been the most influential factor in shaping who I am now – a culture junkie, yoga and fitness enthusiast, and avid traveller.

Nonetheless, living in this day and age has been anything but stress-free. Life has been good in that I managed to climb the corporate ladder as a business consultant and achieved what Singapore defines as a successful career.

However, while working towards an ever increasing position and salary, I was never really happy nor satisfied.. always hungry for something that goes beyond pursuing a higher salary or a better CV.

In addition, I was also struggling to maintain a mind-body-soul balance, especially since the consulting work I love tends to be rather stressful due to overnight timelines.

When I chanced upon yoga, I got hooked on the effects it brought both to my body and mental well-being. I started off as a self-taught yogini, sing free resources such as YouTube and blogs to help me create a home practice before I ventured into a physical yoga class.

While I have many interests, I like to gain mastery of things I am passionate about. Yoga was one of these that I wanted to master, not just because it feels amazing to live as a yogi, but also for its amazing health benefits. In my quest to become a better yogi, I learnt a lot especially on how to become independent of a yoga teacher and have a personal self-practice. I write more about my journey to become a yogini here in my About Page.

What this blog is about

Yoga is a never-ending journey of growth and learning. I wanted to share my personal journey to those who are similarly looking for more in life than just the endless pursuit of material possessions.

The aim of The YogaMad blog is to create a knowledge base and network for people to master their mind and body balance through yoga and healthy habits.Through this blog, we hope to get people moving from Not Knowing to Knowing about yoga; from Not Doing to Doing yoga daily, from Not Being to Becoming a Yogi on and off the mat.

I am honestly nervous yet excited about the potential of creating a community and impacting lives through this blog. But like most of you, I am still learning and would like this blog to grow with its readers. I welcome any feedback to make this blog better.

Finally, if you are interested in topics such as building a personal at home yoga practice, or sequences for your mind and body, or meditation and mental health, do subscribe to my blog! You’ll be the first to know of new content and free resources here.

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