How to Master Tailwind for Higher Pinterest Traffic: The Complete Guide

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Tailwind Mastery for Pinterest Traffic - Featured Image

Almost all bloggers know that Pinterest is one of the most effective marketing channels to drive traffic to your blog.

But did you know that you can level up your Pinterest marketing by optimizing AND automating your scheduled Pins?

While there are many different tools in the market, I will only focus on one: Tailwind App for Pinterest.

This is the tool I have used personally to get better Pinterest Marketing results. By automating my Pinterest, I was able to focus my time on more important things such as content development.

Other than Google, Pinterest is the biggest source of traffic to my blog. It was the main method I used to grow my audience from nothing, and I couldn't have done it without the help of Tailwind.

In this comprehensive Tailwind App guide, I share why Tailwind for Pinterest helps you to expand your Pinterest Audience and drives more traffic to your blog.

If you are ready to catapult your blog traffic with Pinterest & Tailwind, read on.

This is a detailed post so I've included a Table of Contents for you. Use it to skip to the section you want to read.

What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

If you want to succeed quickly on Pinterest, you will need to fulfil two criteria when sharing your content:

  1. Ensure that all your Pins are published at optimized timings ie. When people are most likely to view them.
  2. Ensure that your Pins follow Pinterest best practices based on its new algorithms. This means no repeated Pins over a certain period, it also means not posting to too many boards at once.

Tailwind is the ONLY tool in the market that allows you to fulfil both criteria and is 100% necessary if you want to succeed fast as a new blogger.

It is a complete Pinterest marketing tool for bloggers and small businesses, allowing users to optimize and automate Pins that score on Pinterest's algorithm.

Tailwind is also an official third-party approved partner with Pinterest.

This is important because using tools not on this list and approved by Pinterest has caused business users to shut down their accounts in the past. So it is very important not to use any non-approved partners!

Tailwind Mastery for Pinterest Traffic - Featured Image

How does Tailwind Work for Pinterest Traffic?

Tailwind is a software that links with your Pinterest account to help you with the following:

  1. Schedule and automatically publish Pins - so you do not need to stay awake to manually Pin at certain times of day;
  2. Optimizes your schedule - Tailwind posts at the best times for engagement;
  3. Repeats your content at an interval - this allows your best content to be re-published at the best intervals that fulfil Pinterest best practices;
  4. Provide analytics on Pin performance - so you can modify your schedule or strategy;
  5. Provide analytics on Board performance - allowing you to prioritize your content for high performing board and make amendments for low performing ones;
  6. Collaborate with other bloggers - and find great content to share on Pinterest.

All of these services can be found in a single tool. Automating your publishing schedule on Pinterest is possibly the most time-saving step you can ever take.

Now, imagine being able to optimize your schedule as well so you achieve the highest performance per Pin WHILE scoring on Pinterest algorithm - that's something you can't do on your own.

Can you do without Tailwind for Pinterest?

You can always try to pin your content manually. All you need is loads and loads of time to

  1. Find the optimum timing for posting;
  2. Pin at regular intervals throughout the day, sometimes when you are supposed to be sleeping;
  3. Manually decipher your Pin and board performance (Pinterest analytics is too basic for this);
  4. and the list goes on...

You get my point. Sometimes it is better to invest in great tools that deliver results than spend precious time trying to it yourself with much more effort.

Afterall... Time is money.

Tailwind doesn't just save time. By letting Tailwind optimize your schedule, you can be sure that whatever you pin will be effective and reaps the highest results.

Instead of spending the whole day pinning, you can be blocking out an hour weekly to schedule your Pins and let Tailwind post for you - at the best times every single day!

What measurable results can you expect with Tailwind?

If you search on Google, You will find plenty of blog posts about results on Tailwind. It is encouraging to see how many bloggers are getting great Pinterest growth on Tailwind.

Some of these results are summarised in the infographic below - you can read the detailed blog post by Tailwind themselves on the typical results you can expect.

Do note that the results are based on Tailwind Plus Plan, which starts as low as $9.99 per month.

Results using Tailwind App for Pinterest

To summarise the infographic, people using Tailwind over 6 months on the Plus Plan saw the following average results:

  • 9x more Repins on average, with small accounts (fewer than 100 followers) experiencing the highest results of 10x Repins
  • 7x more followers on average, again with smaller accounts having the best results.
  • 2x more Pins published on average, especially for the smallest accounts.

So this is not just me raving about Tailwind, the statistics speak for themselves. Many new Pinterest users, even those with a small audience, are benefitting from using Tailwind.

This was one of the key reasons why I upgraded (plus signed up for several other boosters!).

My monthly viewers have increased to between 600-700k viewers and are steadily increasing! That's without me putting in too much effort since everything is automated in Tailwind.

In-Depth Guide: 7 Tailwind Functions for Boosting Pinterest Traffic

In this section, we’ll go through the various features of Tailwind and show you how they can help you promote your content on Pinterest.

1. Using Smart Schedule to Optimize Scheduling Times

Sometimes you may not know when is the best time for pinning. Tailwind has got you covered.

Tailwind has a tool called Smart Schedule - this is where Tailwind uses all its available data about you and your audience to generate the perfect schedule for you.

This schedule is based on when your Pins or content have the highest rates of engagement, through the tool Smart Schedule.

You can set up your Smart Schedule to post any number of times per day.

Here's what my Tailwind Smart Schedule looks like:

Tailwind - Smart Schedule

To set your optimized schedule:

  • Head over to the "Publisher" tab again, and click on "Your Schedule".
  • Notice that there are a few types of time slots.
    • Those in green are the "smart schedule" - Tailwind automatically suggests these based on your Pins' past performance.
    • All SmartLoop schedules are separated from the general time slots and are shown in bright colours.
    • If you want to add your timings, you can do so by clicking "add time slot" or accepting the dotted green outlined ones (Tailwind's suggestions).
  • If you want to increase/decrease the number of timings a day, click on "Recreate Schedule". You may want to start with 5-10 Pins and work up to 25 daily Pins as you get more content.

Note: Unlike the "old Pinterest" where you should pin as many times as you can (some bloggers pin more than 100x daily), the "new Pinterest" algorithm punishes over-pinning. So keep to 15-25 Pins per day, and ensure that every single Pin is of great quality.

Remember that Pinterest values quality over quantity !

2. Scheduling content automatically

Having your content scheduled will save you tonnes of time and increase engagement on your Pins. As you starting having more boards and share content daily, it will become increasingly difficult to pin manually while keeping track of what content to share and when to share with each board.

Tailwind allows you to share content at any time of the day without having to be at your laptop. It not only automates the pinning process, but it also helps you to keep your content organized.

While there are a few other scheduling tools available, Tailwind is my preferred scheduler because it also provides other perks and benefits (which we will talk about later.

How to use Tailwind scheduler:

  • Head over to the "Publisher" tab on the left-hand menu, then click on "Drafts".
  • Either drag and drop your Pin images directly to Drafts or click on "Create new Pin" and choose how you want to upload your pictures.
  • For each Pin in your draft, you can set multiple boards you wish to pin the content to, and also set any future date you'll like to pin it.
  • You can also set up intervals on your schedule. This means that the next Pin will only be published after a certain time (or interval) which you specify.
Tailwind - Schedule Pins

3. Interval Scheduling

Regarding interval scheduling, this is one of the most powerful functions of Tailwind.

This is because you should try not to pin the same image all at once to multiple boards. Instead, have some space between similar Pins so that your audience does not just see one image update from you in their notifications.

Interval scheduling is difficult to implement manually. You will not be able to keep track of when to pin something to a new board as your content grows.

By automating this process, you can do away with your Pin trackers, and simply spend 5 minutes to set up your Pin schedule and intervals.

Tailwind - Interval Scheduling

To space out your Pins:

  • If you add more than one board for each Pin, you will see the button "Use Interval" on the bottom left of the Pin.
  • Click on it and set when you want to schedule your first Pin, and the minimum time before the subsequent Pin is published.
  • Before clicking on "Set Interval", check that the "Interval Type" is set to "Optimized" or "Open Time Slot". This ensures your Pins are scheduled to timings with highest rates of engagement, rather than relying on guesswork with the "Exact Interval" option.
  • Click on the button "Set Interval" when you are done.

3 Types of Interval Schedule Explained

Notice you have 3 different options with Tailwind’s interval settings?

These give you complete control over how you want to space out your Pins.

    1. Open Time Slot: Your Pins will be scheduled into any open time slots within your current schedule to fill up the queue while complying with the minimum interval set.
    2. Optimize Interval: This adds your Pins to the optimized times suggested by Tailwind, without using your existing time slots. Again, this option complies with the minimum interval set.
    3. Exact Interval Option: This allows you to choose the exact times you want on your schedule. For instance, if your first Pin is due today at 9 pm, and your minimum interval is 1 day, the next Pin will publish at 9 pm tomorrow. These timings stay fixed even if your schedules for today and tomorrow are already full.

4. Tailwind SmartLoops

Possibly one of the most useful functions I use all the time is the Tailwind SmartLoops. This allows bloggers the ability to "loop" their Pins and repin it automatically say after a few weeks or months.

Unlike the Interval Function, SmartLoops is available whether or not you wish to Pin to single or multiple boards.

So if you would like to add your draft Pin to a loop, simply click "Add to SmartLoop". This allows you to add a Pin to a current loop and any board (whether the board is in the loop or not).

If you haven't already set up your SmartLoops, then you should do so before you can add a Pin to any loops.

Watch the below tutorial to set up and optimize your SmartLoops!

5. Tailwind Tribes

Don't schedule your Pin just yet!

The last step of the scheduling process is to add your content to your tribe!

This is by far my favourite feature of Tailwind. It is a collaboration tool which allows you to join tribes (or communities) of other Tailwind users in your niche and share content with them.

To make the most of Tribes:

  • Check the Tribe feed for new content. Share content which you feel are a great addition to your Pinterest. (Some tribes mandate members to share the same, or more Pins than they contribute).
  • Contribute quality Pins and content to your tribe. This can be from your website or other tribe members.

Members who share the most content into each tribe tend to get greater exposure and more shares.

Tailwind Tribes

If you already have your tribes set up,

  • Continue with your draft Pin, and find the option "Add to Tribes". Click on it.
  • Select the tribes that are most relevant for your Pin.
  • Tailwind will warn you if you have pinned the same Pin to a single tribe before. This is to ensure that you do not repeat content unnecessarily and suffer from Pinterest's new algorithm (which values fresh, new, and quality Pins.

If you want to set up your tribes, you can check out a super useful video created by Tailwind to guide you through the process.

6. Bulk Scheduling Using Chrome Extension

Want more time-saving magic?  Let’s talk about bulk scheduling.

It may be difficult to keep posting new Pins and content from your website when you first start blogging. This can cause your schedule to lapse and lose momentum.

This is where the bulk scheduling function of Tailwind comes in handy. Instead of saving one image at a time to Tailwind, the bulk scheduling tool (Chrome Extension) allows you to save multiple images at once!

This means if you head on over to Pinterest, you can literally save all of the images in your feed to Tailwind, simply with a few clicks.

To download Tailwind Chrome Extension

  • Download the Chrome Extension from your draft page
Tailwind - Chrome Extension Download
  • Click the Add Extension button in the confirm box from Chrome.
Tailwind Chrome Extension 1
Tailwind Chrome Extension 2
  • Your new extension for Chrome is now installed, and you'll find it at the top right corner of your browser while hovering over large images!

Here's my secret sauce to bulk scheduling:

  • Head over to your Pinterest feed or any boards you like.
  • Click on the Tailwind Chrome Extension button on the top right of your browser
  • Click on the Pins you wish to repin (as many as you like).
  • Click on "Go Schedule".
  • All the images you just saved will be added to your drafts immediately!
Tailwind -Chrome Extension

It's honestly the most time-saving tip I have used to stay consistent with Tailwind and not let my queue lapse on days when I lack content.

Try it out!

7. Tailwind Analytics

Tailwind provides some great analytics - so much better than the native one on Pinterest - that helps my pinning strategy and ensures a high performance all the time.

When you head over to the Insights tab, you can view your

  • Profile performance - this shows the average engagement levels of your content and tracks your follower growth.
  • Board insights - this shows the best performing boards, including virality (Repins/Pin) and engagement rates. I use this to help me prioritise the types of Pin content to share on Pinterest!
  • Pin Inspector - to view the Pins you have published and find those that are the most popular among your readers. Understanding which Pins get more likes or saves will help you to create better content and Pin styles that generate the highest engagement.

Learn how to use Tailwind Pin Inspector

Wrapping things up...

Tailwind is one of the best tools for growth, especially for new bloggers and new Pinterest users, because

  1. it helps you to optimize your schedule for the highest engagement,
  2. it exposes your content to a greater audience so that more people see your Pins even if you do not have many followers yet.

As I've mentioned before, Tailwind is absolutely necessary for fast and consistent growth on Pinterest.

Did I mention, they offer a free trial as well?

Try all Tailwind features for free while scheduling up to 100 Pins on Pinterest and 30 posts on Instagram. Sign up with my link and start scheduling your Pins!

Remember there is no time limit for the free trial. Once Tailwind publishes the 100 Pins from your queue, you can then decide if you wish to purchase a plan.

Once Tailwind publishes 100 Pins from your queue, you can decide whether to purchase a plan.

Share your Tailwind Experience...

Have you started using Tailwind for Pinterest?

Share any of your experiences, questions, or comments below!

Tailwind Mastery for Pinterest Traffic - Featured Image

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