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If you’ve not heard of Burning Man festival, then you really need to. It takes place in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada where Black Rock City is erected for the duration of the festival before disappearing until the next year.

Although most of us know it as a festival, they claim that it’s not a festival but a community. According to co-founder Larry Harvey, it is guided by 10 principles:

  • Radical inclusion
  • Gifting
  • Decommodification
  • Radical self-reliance
  • Radical self-expression
  • Communal effort
  • Civic responsibility
  • Leaving no trace
  • Participation
  • Immediacy

Although Burning Man isn’t a yoga festival, you might notice that the underlying philosophy of yoga as outlined by the 8 limbs, fits in nicely with the principles of the festival. This is one of the reasons why the yoga community has grown at the festivals with classes and workshops taking place across the event.

As we look forward to the next event, here are some photos that show just how much of a yoga scene has evolved at the festival over recent years:

Acro Yoga at Burning Man

Acro Yoga, the combination of yoga and acrobatics, has been a particularly interesting area to watch grow at the festival, not least for the excitement you feel as you watch it.

This YouTube video from the 2015 Burning Man festival shows some acro yoga performances: