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Latest Articles on Yoga

Yoga for Weight Loss Featured

Yoga for Weight Loss: How It Works and How to Get Started

Most people know that yoga is an amazing tool for improving health and flexibility, but what they do not know is that yoga is one of the most effective methods to lose weight. At a superficial level, yoga is too “gentle and slow”, the polar opposite of exercises such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or […]

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Yoga for Seniors Featured

Yoga for Seniors: Benefits and Practice

Physical activity is an excellent way to stay healthy and remain independent. However, 60% to 85% of people in the world – from both developed and developing countries – lead sedentary lifestyles according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Physical inactivity is an easy way to increase the risk of many severe health conditions, such […]

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Best tips for a successful home yoga practice

Top 7 tips to start a successful home yoga practice

Why practise yoga at home? Practicing yoga in a group class can be really fun, especially when you get to enjoy the group vibes and get to know like-minded yoga lovers. This can be a source of motivation for you to keep getting on your mat. At the same time, if you want to deepen […]

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5 Best Types of Yoga for Beginners - Feature

5 Best Types of Yoga for Total Beginners

If you are looking for a different or new form of exercise to add to your regime or to fuel your ambition to be fitter and healthier, there are countless options to work through and consider! There are new trends and hot topics every year from Zumba to spinning to kickboxing, but when it really […]

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Yoga Therapy - Knee Pain Relief

Yoga therapy for knee pain relief [Free Yoga Class]

Yoga vs Yoga Therapy Knee pain is a very common condition and problem, together with hip problems. Around 300 million people are affected by knee or hip pain! This number will only increase due to modern lifestyle and habits. For people suffering from knee pain, yoga may seem counterintuitive. And it’s no wonder why. Many […]

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Yin Yoga Guide - Feature Image

Yin Yoga Guide: All You Need to Know About Its Purpose, Benefits, and How to Practise it

Yin Yoga is increasingly practised by yogis and is now a staple in many yoga studios. Nonetheless, most students are familiar with the more “yang” practices – the active yoga classes such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga which focus on dynamic movement to build heat and may not have tried a Yin Yoga class. If […]

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Yin Yoga for Beginners - Full Body Stretch

Yin Yoga for Beginners: Full Body Stretch for Flexibility and Stress Relief

Note: If you are unable to watch the video above, you can access it directly on YouTube here. A little about Yin Yoga Yin Yoga has become quite popular in recent years, with many studios offering the practice as a staple. For those of you who haven’t tried Yin Yoga or are curious about it, […]

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Best Yoga Poses for Core, Flat Belly

Yoga for Flat Belly: 9 Best Beginner Yoga Poses to Do Daily

Many people have tried doing sit-ups and crunches, or some form of core work, but have not seen results they want. Are you one of them? To get a strong core and flat tummy, you will need to work and engage ALL of your core muscles. This means forgetting the usual exercises and introducing those […]

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6 Essential Yoga Equipment for a Home Yoga Studio

6 Essential Yoga Equipment to Invest in for an Amazing Home Yoga Studio

Starting a home yoga studio is easy, all you need is a yoga mat you can get as cheap as $10, free videos online, and you can get started. However, if you have been practising at home and are now comfortable in your home-based studio, you will eventually want to equip it with some of […]

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12 Best Seated Yoga Poses For Seniors And Beginners [Gentle Yoga Sequence]. Seated yoga poses are great for toning the core as well as promote better posture. In this post, we introduce 12 beginner- and senior-friendly seated yoga poses to practise daily

12 Must-Know Seated Yoga Poses For Seniors And Beginners [Gentle Yoga Sequence]

Seated yoga poses are suitable for practitioners of all levels and help to tone the core as well as promote better posture. You can do them at the beginning of a yoga class to warm up the body, or at the end of the class to cool your body down. While all yoga poses are […]

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The essential guide to starting a personal yoga practice at home for long-term health, weight loss, stress relief and more. Get step-by-step guidance and confidently build a strong foundation in yoga.

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The essential guide to starting a personal yoga practice at home for long-term health, weight loss, stress relief and more. Get step-by-step guidance and confidently build a strong foundation in yoga.

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