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Latest Articles on Mental Health

Vedic Transcendental Ameditation

Beginner’s Guide To Vedic Meditation (Transcendental Meditation)

Vedic Meditation, an activity of meditation that has been practiced since ancient times. Which helps us in aligning our mind and body. Our sages and monks have been practicing it since the time so that they can completely control their minds and body. This is what gives them success. They live a pleasant life. Vedic […]

yoga & meditation veteran featured

How Yoga & Meditation Can Help Veterans Transition from Active Duty to Civilian Life

“While I was extremely sceptical at first, yoga and meditation have been a game-changer for my life. My sleep is better, and I’m more focused and relaxed in my daily life. I truly believe that yoga and meditation can help so many veterans as they did for me.” Stress is a universal occurrence brought on […]

Best meditation cushions to prevent back pain

[Updated 2021] 7 Best Meditation Cushions to Prevent Back Pain During Meditation

Sitting down directly on the ground during meditation, without the aid of any meditation cushions can be rather uncomfortable and sometimes painful for me. My lower back protests quite a bit due to my history with lower back pains, my sitting bones hurt after a while, and my calves go completely numb due to lack […]

Samadhi Meaning - Golden Mandala

Meaning of Samadhi: 8 Limbs of Yoga Exploration

Most of us know the word ‘Samadhi’ to mean ‘bliss’ or ‘enlightenment. For those of us who have studied the 8 Limbs of Yoga as described in Patanjali’s yoga sutras, Samadhi is the 8th limb which is attained after you have travelled through the first seven limbs of yoga. At this point, you would have […]

Yoga lockdown

3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Maintain Sanity During a Lockdown

In these crazy unpredictable times, it can be so hard to maintain our normal sense of Self. We feel uncertain, scared, isolated, and alone. It’s easy to lose our way and start to think negative thoughts. This ends up becoming a rabbit hole of depression, anxiety, and fear. There is a way out of this […]

Mindfulness for Seniors - Infographic

Mindfulness for Seniors – Infographic

Growing older can be a challenge for some people in that they are aware it has to happen because that is natural but it still presents fears and anxieties for people. Growing older is, of course, a privilege especially if one has one’s health. The latter years in a person’s life can truly be wonderful […]

Ways Love Is Good for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Ways Love Is Good for Mental Health and Wellbeing

What constitutes “good mental health” – and what does love have to do with it? Well, for a beginning, if you are looking to maintain good mental health, then chances are that you’ve been told, time and again, to lean on those you love most. The people near and dearest to us are our family […]

Yin Yoga Guide - Feature Image

Yin Yoga Guide: All You Need to Know About Its Purpose, Benefits, and How to Practise it

Yin Yoga is increasingly practised by yogis and is now a staple in many yoga studios. Nonetheless, most students are familiar with the more “yang” practices – the active yoga classes such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga which focus on dynamic movement to build heat and may not have tried a Yin Yoga class. If […]

5 Tips for Getting in Shape When Depressed - Featured

5 Tips For Getting In Shape When You Are Depressed

Depression is the leading cause of mental disability in the world. 10% of the adults in the global population have this mental illness. Its symptoms include fatigue, laziness, isolation, loss of energy, hopelessness, helplessness, anger, frustration, irritability, reckless behavior, unexplained pains, major problem concentrating, and so much more. Many people have different reasons for falling […]

7 Powerful Connections Between Yoga And Mental Health

7 Powerful Connections Between Yoga And Mental Health

There’s something truly amazing about what yoga can do to your state of mind. I personally have suffered anxiety throughout my early twenties which is a result of things that were outside of my control, alongside some poor life choices. In order to bring my life back to some form of balance, I was frantically […]

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