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Hundreds of varieties of teas exist, from green, to white, to black and more. They all naturally contain high proportions of flavonoids, which are thought to bring down inflammation and help protect against conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Today I will be sharing a list of 12 most effective weight loss tea that will help to shrink your waistline.

This article will be split into 3 parts

  • Part 1 lists the weight loss teas that are caffeinated 
  • Part 2 lists those that are non-caffeinated
  • Part 3 provides some tips and tricks to incorporate weight-loss-friendly activities into your daily life

PS. Read till the end of this post for some of the most effective weight loss programs that I’ve personnally triend and have tonnes of raving success stories.

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Part 1: Weight Loss Teas with Caffeine

Pu-erh tea

Pu-erh, commonly known as Pu’er, is a type of Chinese black tea that has been fermented. It is usually enjoyed after a meal, particularly after a heavy one, as the tea is said to be beneficial for blood cleansing and digestion. 

Some animal studies have shown that Pu-erh tea is helpful for lowering blood triglycerides and sugar levels as well (1). Other research has shown similar findings  – that Pu-erh tea had an anti-obesity effect and helped to limit weight gain.(2)

Even in my family, we drink Pu-erh almost on a daily basis after dinner, as my parents believe that Pu-erh is great for combating the oily food, toxins and chemicals we ingest over time to cleans the blood from toxins. 
Based on personal experience, I’ve never seen my parents a day overweight, despite the amount of food they ate.  And they have received stellar health reports, even though nighttime snacking is a daily affair. Dad credits these facts to daily drinking of Pu-erh tea.

That said, I must admit that Pu-erh tea takes some getting used to. The earthy taste is not something that I particularly like, and the sizable amount of caffeine present means that those who are caffeine-intolerant should not drink it at night.

But if you would like to give this amazing tea a go, why not try some options out below?

Numi Pu erh Tea

This Pu∙erh boasts a deep bold body that is smooth and earthy with hints of malt. Numi teas only contain full-leaf quality organic tea with no tea dust or fannings.

Kiss Me Organics Pu Erh

Kiss Me Organics – Organic Pu Erh Tea

This pu erh tea is 100 percent organic and lab tested for quality. It naturally helps eliminate toxins from your body and supports healthy gut bacteria that helps aid digestion.

Imperial Organic Pu Erh

Imperial Organic Pu-Erh Tea

100% organic Pu-erh with no additives or other ingredients

Green tea

Probably one of the most popular types of tea, green tea is linked with many health benefits and is already known to be one of the most effective teas for weight loss. 

Several researches have linked green tea to reduction in body fat and weight. A study found that people who took green tea extract for 12 weeks had significant decreases in body weight, body fat and waist circumference as compared to another group that didn’t.(3)

This is because green tea (and green tea extract) are very high in catechins, a type of naturally occuring antioxidant that is known to increase the body’s ability to increase energy expenditure, oxidise fat, decrease lipid absorption by the intestine and and boost metabolism.

Do note the very famous matcha is also a type of green tea, as they are all derived from the same plant called Camellia Sinesis. Matcha comes in powder form and tastes richer than the typical green tea, which is usually in leave form. 

While green tea can be used as a fat burner, one should not use it as an excuse to increase calorie intake. Rather, think of green tea as a complement to your weight loss regime (which should comprise of healthy eating and exercise).

Try out these healthy green tea for weight loss

Livewell Beyond Greens Matcha

Live Conscious Beyond Greens

As a regular user of Live Conscious’ products (previously known as LiveWell), I highly recommend this superfood blend of Matcha green tea powder as well as echinacea, rhodiola, milk thistle, probiotics, and four varieties of powerful mushrooms (including Lion’s Mane and Reishi). I’ve seen visible differences in my energy levels, digestion and skin condition after incorporating Beyond Greens in my diet.

MatchaDNA Organic Matcha Green Tea

MatchaDNA Organic Matcha Green Tea

Made with the highest quality of culinary grade Matcha green tea in China or Japan, MatchaDNA doesn’t just taste good, it delivers the highest potentcy of green teas, with over 10x antioxidants of regular brewed green tea

Numi Gunpowder Green Tea Organic

Numi Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

This is a full-bodied green tea, made with organic whole leaf gunpowder green tea that has been gently steemed then rolled into small pearls within hours of being plucked. As with all Numi teas, this tea can be assured of quality.

Oolong tea

Oolong is another traditional Chinese tea like Pu-erh. This particular type of tea has been partially oxidised and hence is somewhere between black and green tea in terms of colour and oxidation levels.

Oolong tea is generally much fruitier and fragrant than Pu-erh, though these can vary depending on the different oxidation levels and brewing methods. It is filled with antioxidants, which can help to boost metabolism.

Some studies have shown that Oolong tea can help to increase weight loss and fat burning processes in the body. In one of these studies, 102 obesed people drank Oolong tea everyday for 6 weeks. 70% of the severely obesed people dropped more than 1kg in body weight, including 22% who lost more than 3kg. 

Although Oolong tea is caffeinated, it contains less caffeine than black tea or coffee, so it could be a good option for people sensitive to too much caffeine.

Try out these Oolong teas for weight loss

Buddha Tea Oolong Organic

Buddha Tea Organic Oolong

This is a medium- to full-bodied tea that boasts a smooth, malty, somewhat sweet flavor. It is packed in bleach-free tea bags, with no additives or GMO.

Prince of Peace organic oolong tea

Prince of Peace Organic Oolong Tea

This tea is made from 100% organic oolong tea right from the Wuyi District of Fujian China. It has a woody aroma and full-bodied flavour.

Black tea

Black tea is distinctive in its dark colour as it has undergone more oxidation than other types of tea including green or Oolong teas. Because it has been fermented, black tea has a higher caffeine content than green or white tea.

There are many different types of black tea; You would probably have heard of English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea, popularly drunk all around the world. It is also the type of tea that is often used to make boba tea or iced tea.

Many studies have found that black tea could be a good complement for weight control regimes. In a study of 111 people, they found that drinking 3 cups of black tea daily for 3 months helped to decrease waist circumference and increase weight loss compared to those who drank other caffeinated drinks (control group). (4)

Do remember that while black tea is highly beneficial for weight control, you should kip the milk and sugar if you want to retain all the fat-burning and fat-blocking abilities.

Try these yummy black teas for weight loss

Prince of Peace organic black tea

Prince of Peace Organic Black Tea

Made from 100% organic black tea leaves that are selected from high-quality tea leaves from Yunnan. Fully fermented tea with a rich flavour.

Tao of Tea Earl Gray with Bergamot

Organic Earl Grey with Bergamot by the Tao of Tea

One of my favourite blends that tie in the fragrance of both Earl Gray and relaxing Bergamot, this tea is not only organic but also sourced from sustainable farming methods.

White Tea

White tea is minimally processed and harvested when the tea plant is young. Hence, white tea tastes much more subtle and even sweet. It also has less caffeine than green or black teas. 

White tea and green tea have similar amounts of catechins, which as mentioned, can help to boost weight loss. In one laboratory study, white tea helped to speed up the breakdown of fat cells and prevented the formation of new ones.

Try out my favourite white tea brands

Numi White Tea White Rose Tea

Numi Organic White Rose

Made with organic white tea with rosebuds, this tea is anti-oxidant rich, tastes naturally sweet and smells really good.

Emperor's White Tea

The Republic of Tea 100% White Tea

Made from pure white tea that only grows in the mountains of China’s Fujian Province. The tea tender white downy buds are hand-plucked only two days of the year right before the leaf opens. With demand high and yields low, this white tea is amongst the world’s rarest of all teas.

Part 2: Weight Loss Teas without Caffeine

Turmeric tea

This is my go to tea whenever I needed a detox. Turmeric is one of the best natural medicines to reduce inflammation and return the body to its full function. 

Its active ingredient is called curcumin and has been shown to speed weight loss. In a study with 1,646 patients with metabolic syndrome, consumption of curcumin resulted in significant drop in BMI, weight, waist circumference and leptin.
Curcumin is best absorbed by the human body when taken with black pepper. So if you’re making turmeric tea, be sure to add a dash of black pepper to your drink. For those who prefer taking the supplement form, look out for brand that has already included black pepper in the formula.

One of my favourite recipes for turmeric tea is just to boil turmeric, add coconut milk (for healthy fats), black pepper and ginger. If you’re lazy to brew the mixture yourself, try out Yorkshire tea gold – it’s a reputable company known for premium tea at affordable prices.

For those of you who do not like the taste of turmeric, the supplement version is also very helpful – but only choose high quality turmeric supplements that have been tried and tested. Some of my trusted brands can be found below.

Try Turmeric tea, or have it in supplement form

Four Sigmatic Turmeric Latte

Four Sigmatic Golden Latte Mix

Four Sigmatic is one of my favourite brands for mushroom coffee. This turmeric latte includes organic turkey tail mushroom powder to help to boost the immune system and lose weight. It is also dairy-free (made of coconut milk powder, stevia and coconut palm sugar)

Golden Mellow Turmeric Tea

Your Super Golden Mellow

Made with a powerful blend of ayurvedic herbs and adaptogens including turmeric, ashwagandha, ginger, cinnamon, lucuma and pepper, this tea is sure to help you relieve stress and reduce stress-related weight problems.

Livewell Curcuwell

Live Conscious Curcuwell

If you prefer something potent but don’t like the taste of Turmeric, opt for a supplement like Curcuwell. It combines 95% Curcuminoid Turmeric Curcumin extract and Boswellia serrata with patented BioPerine® black pepper extract to promote full-body health, relieve inflammation.

Organic Turmeric Tea with Ginger

Traditional Medicinals Organic Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger

If you like something clean and warming without too many herbs and spices, try this organic turmeric with meadowsweet and ginger. It’s Non-GMO verified, certified organic, kosher and caffeine free.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is a healthy herbal tea made with dried hibiscus. It has a refreshingly tart flavour, which goes well after a full meal, and can be drunk cold or hot.

Hibiscus tea has lots of antioxidants and can help prevent damage caused by free radicals. It is also known to reduce blood pressure, lower blood fat levels, boost liver function and improve weight loss.  Not only that, Hibiscus is high in polyphenols, which are shown to display powerful anti-cancer properties.

I love making chilled hibiscus tea for hot days. Simply add a few slices of cucumber, lemon and mint leaves to your hibiscus tea, chuck it in the fridge and you have an amazing tasting tea to sip all through the day (and it’s pretty to look at too!). 

Try these organic hibiscus tea

Frontier Hibiscus Tea

Frontier Co-op Organic Hibiscus 1 lb Bag

Buy hibiscus in bulk with Frontier Co-op. Made with organic hibiscus flowers that have been hand-picked and sun-dried, and then cut and sifted to provide a flavorful blend for many drinks and foods. This has zero additives and zero chemicals. It is kosher certified, organic certified, and non-irradiated.

Hibiscus Tea Organic

Now Foods Organic Hip Hibiscus Tea

Now Foods promises quality products at affordable prices. This organic hip hibiscus tea is GMP certified and comes in individually wrapped tea bags.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos is exclusively from South Africa, derived from the red bush plant. It is naturally caffeine-free and has a sweet and slightly earthy taste. 

It is high in polyphenols and flavonoids, which is linked to weight loss. It also contains aspalathin, which helps to reduce stress hormones that trigger binge-eating and hunger. In addition, it helps to boost weight loss by increasing leptin levels, a hormone that tells your brain you are full and stops you from overeating.

Drink rooibos with a meal or any time you are feeling stressed. Try to use organic rooibos such as Numi or Celestial Seasonings. 

If you are feeling a little adventurous, try out unique Rooibos blends such as those from the Tao of Tea, which contains other herbs and spices like chamomile and spearmint.

(P.s. I drink this stuff every evening because it tastes really comforting and grounding).

Try these grounding Rooibos tea (blends)

Numi Rooibos Chai

Numi Organic Tea Rooibos Chai

Try this caffeine-free chai blend of rich rooibos and a sultry mix of spices including piquant cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon mingle with sweet allspice, ginger, and a touch of cardamom.

Celestial Seasonings Rooibos Vanilla

Celestial Seasonings Rooibox Madagascar Vanilla

Celestial Seasonings is known for its high quality tea that has zero additives or artificial flavouring. This tea is made of African red rooibos tea infused with vanilla for added sweetness

Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea can be made of the plant’s leaves made of roasted dandelion roots. It is calorie-free and comes with several weight-loss-friendly benefits.

  • Polysaccharides in Dandelion tea helps to promote liver health and relieve symptoms of liver disease. 
  • Dandelion root tea help to soothe minor digestive issues and constipation
  • It is a natural diuretic which helps people lose extra water weight and increase motivation for future weight loss

If you already have dandelions in your garden, make sure it is chemical-free before making tea with it. For the leaves and flowers, wash them thoroughly and steep in hot water for 15 min. To make dandelion root tea, wash the roots, chop them into smaller pieces and roast in the oven on high heat for 2 hours. Steep 1-2 teaspoons in hot water for 10 min.

Otherwise, skip all the trouble and get dandelion tea from these reputable companies: 

Traditional Medicinals Organic Dandelion Leaf & Root

Traditional Medicinals Organic Dandelion Leaf and Root Tea

Made of 100% organic dandelion leaf and root that have been sustainably harvested from the wild meadows in Europe.

Buddha Tea Dandelion Root

Buddha Tea – Organic Dandelion Root Tea

This tea is made using nothing but pure, organic dandelion root and prepared using bleach-free tea bags to provide you with a truly high-quality tea experience without the risk of added chemicals. As with all Buddha Tea products, there is also artificial colors, preservatives, or additives. 

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is a natural appetite suppressant that also helps with stomach issues including indigestion, bloating or gas.  

Fight those late-night cravings for sweet and fatty food by drinking peppermint tea. It tastes naturally sweet, and its strong scent can trigger important reactions in your brain to reduce your craving for junk food.

In addition, peppermint tea is also helpful in reducing stress, which in turn prevents stress-induced binge eating and metabolism issues.

Try drinking peppermint tea before and after meals to help with digestion and to reduce your longing for junk food.  

Try organic peppermint tea for weight loss

Organic India Tulsi with Peppermint

Organic India Tulsi Peppermint Herbal Tea

I fell in love with Tulsi during my time in India for its stress-relieving properties. Organic India is best known for its quality Tulsi blends, and this happens to be one of my few favourite teas for digestion & managing sweet cravings.

Yogi Tea Purely Peppermint

Yogi Tea Purely Peppermint

Made with 100% organic peppermint leaf, this tea is USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. It is also caffeine-free, vegan, kosher, gluten-free and has no artificial flavours or sweeteners. Comes individually packaged with compostable bags.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is one of the best remedies for an upset stomach as it helps to alleviate symptoms of nausea and pain due to indigestion. It is also great for combating inflammation, which can lead to bloating. 

Ginger tea could be a healthy way to reduce belly bloat – though it is more of a temporary fix than a long-term solution for your weight loss goals.

Try ginger tea for everyday digestive comfort

Organic India Tulsi Lemon Ginger

Organic India Tulsi Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea

Another one of my favourite Organic India blends, this Tulsi Lemon Ginger is great for relieving stress while improving digestion. You can’t really go wrong with any of these Tulsi blends.

Buddha Tea Organic Ginger Root

Buddha Tea Organic Ginger Root Tea

Crafted without additives, using only organic or wild-harvested ingredients, this organic ginger root tea is spicy yet mild enough to be taken regularly in place of your caffeinated drinks.

Goji Berry Tea 

Goji berry is derived from the plant Lycium Barbarun. In Asia, we use Gojis to boost eye health and increase immunity because of its high anti-oxidant contents. At the same time, Goji has a slimming effect on the body as it increases calorie burn by up to 10%.

Researchers have found that people who had taken a single dose of L. Barbarum (Goji’s official name) were burning calories at a rate of 10% or higher than those who had taken a placebo. The calorie-burning effect lasted up to 4 hours.

Simply prepare your own goji berry tea or check out store-bought tea like Hyleys Natural Goji Berry with Green Tea (to double boost your calorie burn).

Try these organic Goji Berry teas

Navitas Goji Berries

Navitas Organics Goji Berries

Navitas Organics Goji Berries are premium quality: unsulfured and low temperature dried to preserve their vital nutrients, with no preservatives and no added sugar. You can be assured of its quality claims as these have all been third-party tested.

Viva Naturals Goji Berries

Viva Naturals Organic Dried Goji Berries

Made only with organic, handpicked super grade gojis that are naturally shade dried to perfection in the Tibetan plateau of the Himalayas. Note that these super grade gojis comprise only a fraction of all goji berry harvest, they tend to be juicier and more plump (exceeding the size of all goji grades).

Part 3: Weight Loss Tips to Integrate into Your Lifestyle Today!

Adopting a healthy diet including drinking weight-loss teas, should just be a part of an integrated approach towards weight loss.

If you are serious about losing weight, you need to do more than sip on teas. Below are 3 key tips that can help you work towards a healthy, waist-friendly lifestyle.

Do more yoga(and meditation)

Losing weight is not just about pounding miles on the treadmill or killing yourself with weights. It’s a long-term affair in which you have to treat your body well over days, months, and years in order to see sustained weight loss results. 
I’ve tried many different programs, both to lose weight and to tone up, and yoga is the only activity that is truly sustainable and good for the mind and body.

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One of the most important benefits of yoga is that it deals with mind-related weight issues. For instance, many people eat a lot not because they want to, but because they either cannot control their cravings, or are just so stressed that the hormonal imbalances are preventing them from feeling full.

Yoga deals with one from the inside-out. Through movement, you start to build more self-awareness. You start to know intuitively when you are hungry and full.  Your stress level drops as you tune inwards. And you WANT to respect your body by eating better.

Yoga Fat Loss Bible – Recommended Holistic Weight Loss Program for Beginners

If you want to start your yoga for weight loss journey but do not know how to, I highly recommend the Yoga Fat Loss Bible by Avocadu. This course comes with a yoga guide (with video classes), a meditation guide, a workout plan and a flexibility guide, perfect for those who are just starting out and need a structured approach towards weight loss.

Yoga Fat Loss Bible Avocadu

Click to see weight-loss success stories of the Yoga Fat Loss Bible

Eat better

Ever heard the term “rubbish in, rubbish out”? Weight loss begins in the kitchen. 

Think of your body like a bath tub. If you fill the tub with dirty water, no matter how fast or how much you drain it, the tub will still have dirty water. In the same way, no matter how much you workout, if you are not eating well, you insides will still be unhealthy and it will hinder progress.

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Move more

Many workout programs are available on the internet, you just need to find one that suits your personality and preferences.

My biggest advice is to find a movement routine that you can fit into your schedule. For instance, if you do not have time for a full yoga class, why not break it up into 4 x 15 min sessions that you can squeeze in your breaktimes? If you drive a lot, why not lace up and try walking the same distance? Instead of sitting at your desk all the time, why not get a standing desk or use a fitness ball and burn that extra calories while working? Watching the tele doesnt mean becoming a couch potato, you can get a stationary bike and crank up your burnt calories while enjoying your favourite film!

Get creative, and start small but start now.

21 Day Fat Loss Challenge – Most Effective Weight Loss Challenge

For those of you who want an effective weight loss guide, I swear by the 21 day fat loss challenge. This is a complete guide with an eating plan, workout plan, motivation plan, and many more. You will also have access to a private support group.

Just look at the number of legit reviews of people who have lost weight by eating well and moving more. In 21 days, many people have seen results such as:

  • Lost 10-21 pounds in 21 days
  • 2-3 drop in dress size
  • Clothes that fit better
  • Feelings of“lightness” on their feet
  • Decreased cellulite
  • Lost 3-4 inches from the waistline
  • Improved skin and hair quality
  • Fewer aches and pain in the joints
  • Faster metabolism
  • And much more
21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Avocadu

Check out raving reviews of the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge


Many people looking to lose weight should incorporate a daily routine of healthy tea-drinking. Each cup is packed with many health benefits compared to high-calorie drinks like soda.

Combined with a healthy diet and regular movement, your daily cup of tea can help you to accelerate your weight loss journey and prevent dangers caused by obesity.

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