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Many of us like to be able to do yoga at home through online yoga classes when we are not able to attend a studio class. These online yoga classes are usually video-based and are a great way to keep your yoga at home sessions fresh while allowing you control in designing how you want your yoga journey to look like.

However, with so many different yoga videos online, it may be hard to differentiate the good from the mediocre. This is especially so for free sites such as YouTube, where the open-sourced format allows anyone to be able to post any quality of video.

In this post, I have listed the best sources for online yoga classes. The best sites with the most varied offerings tend to have a monthly subscription fee, but there are of course free options for those who prefer not to pay.

Our Criteria

In order to compare the various platforms fairly, we have used a standard set of criteria below:

  • Available styles of yoga: Having a variety of yoga styles to choose from allows you to explore those that suit your goals and personality without you needing hop from studio to studio.
  • Safety and Foundation: Videos provide cues for proper form and alignment, as well as gives attention to basics such as breathing, right muscle activation, etc.
  • Learning paths: Does the platform provide different difficulty levels of yoga so that you can progress in your journey as you deepen your practice?
  • Convenience: Does the platform provide a mobile or app-based version to allow you to access it without having to log into your laptop?
  • Price: Is it affordable? More importantly, is it worth the cost for the value it provides?
Online yoga classes reviewed: 5 Best video streaming yoga sites to get inspiration for your yoga at home practice

Top 5 online yoga classes to deepen your yoga practice

Yoga Download – Best overall

YogaDownload is one of the more popular providers of video (and audio) yoga classes. It allows you to purchase classes individually or access unlimited classes through its monthly subscription. There are 1,500+ online classes taught by internationally acclaimed yoga teachers.

Key features of YogaDownload includes:

  • Structured yoga programs for almost every need
  • If programs are not your thing, you can use the advanced filtering tool and choose specific videos by duration (5-80 minutes) and level of intensity
  • Unique to YogaDownload is audio classes that are complemented by printable pose guides

Available styles of yoga

There are more than 40 different styles of yoga available to suit different goals and needs. These include Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power, and even Barre and kids yoga classes.

My favourite classes are probably yoga classes that strengthen and tone, as well as the heart opening program.

Learning Paths

Similar to Grokker, YogaDownload offers different programs and levels of classes to suit every need. However, I find that YogaDownload has a much more structured way of categorizing and displaying the yoga programs so that users are able to decide on classes quickly and effectively without needing to use a complex search function.

YogaDownload offers courses for absolute beginners all the way to yoga teacher training!


YogaDownload is now available to download for FREE on the iOS App Store and Google Play store.


Free online yoga classes are available on YogaDownload.

You can buy classes individually or if you want access to the full library, YogaDownload offers one of the more flexible and affordable pricing options for different budgets and ability to pay.

Besides charging only $12-$18 monthly or $120 yearly. They also have 3 months and 6 months options for those who want discounted rates but do not want to be locked in for a year.

Read more about YogaDownload, or if you are ready to join, access their signup page here.

Grokker – Best for variety and wellness beyond yoga

Grokker - Online yoga classes reviewed: 5 Best video streaming yoga sites to get inspiration for your yoga at home practice
Source: Grokker

Grokker is one of the most diverse yoga sites of this list. It doesn’t just focus on yoga, but holistic living covering healthy eating, sleep, general wellness and non-yoga fitness classes.

Available styles of yoga

There are hundreds of yoga classes of different levels and styles available. Besides the more commonly found Vinyasa and Hatha classes, Grokker also includes yoga types such as Iyengar, Power Vinyasa, Kundalini, Breathwork, Qigong, Ashtanga – you name it they’ve got it.

The website and app also contain many different types of fitness classes including HIIT (my favourite by far), cardio workouts, kickboxing and many more. In addition, members also get access to programs that last from days to weeks to help target certain focus areas.

Learning paths

Each program and video is categorized by level. You can choose to progress through programs or design your learning journey using the smart search and recommendations.

However, while Grokker has a lot of programs and videos, these are displayed in the app and website in a list format, unlike YogaDownload which displays categories of programs & classes in an easy to view manner. Which means if you are looking for a category of classes eg. Detox, you would need to use the search function rather than have the site do the homework for you and displaying it upfront.


Grokker is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play


Grokker is available for free with their 14 day free trial. It charges $14.99 / month thereafter.

Signup for Grokker’s 2-week FREE trial

MyYogaWorks – Best for a studio-at-home practice  

MyYogaWorks - Online yoga classes reviewed: 5 Best video streaming yoga sites to get inspiration for your yoga at home practice
Source: MyYogaWorks

MyYogaWorks is the online offering from the popular real-life yoga studio, YogaWorks, which is one of the most well-known yoga studios in the USA.

Available styles of yoga

Although MyYogaWorks has more than 1200 premium yoga videos, it provides mainly 6 styles of yoga – Acro, Iyengar, Restorative, Vinyasa, Kids Yoga and Yin.

There are also options for different types of fitness including HIIT / Cardio, Pregnancy Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

Learning paths

Each yoga video is categorized into Levels where Level 1 is for beginners, Level 2 for intermediate students, Level 3 for advanced students and a final level just for teachers.

For those who have yoga goals, the Journey Series will be especially useful for you. This is probably the only app that has a series of classes that are dedicated to specific yoga poses goals such as headstand, ‘flying’ poses, firefly, and many more.

If you prefer to create your own learning path, MyYogaWorks also has a search function that allows you to filter videos that target specific needs. For instance, I usually go for inversions and arm balances, which are my goals for the season.


There is an app for the brick and mortar YogaWorks, but this is meant for providing studio goers with a way to schedule their classes. MyYogaWorks can be found under the tab “Online Yoga” – this is a web-app (which in my opinion doesn’t work as well as a native app).


MyYogaWorks is available for free with their 14-day free trial.  It charges $15 / month thereafter.

Specially for The YogaMad readers, you can get 3 months of MyYogaWorks subscription for $1 / month on top of your 14-day free trial! Get your discount here

Note: This link is valid for new subscribers only. Promotion begins after the free trial. Subscription renews to standard monthly plan after the promotional period. Easily cancel anytime.

OneOEight – Best for overall wellness

OneOEight - Online yoga classes reviewed: 5 Best video streaming yoga sites to get inspiration for your yoga at home practice
Source: OneOEight

OneOEight is founded by Instagram celebrity Yoga Girl®, Rachel Brathen. Like Grokker, OneOEight does not solely focus on yoga. It provides information covering physical, mental and spiritual health including meditation and nutrition.

Available Styles of Yoga

With more than 1,000 online classes, there is much to choose from. Besides the more popular styles, OneOEight also includes yoga styles such as Primal Yoga, Pre- and Post-natal and even SUP (Stand up paddle) yoga.

OneOEight is one of the few websites that focuses on yoga off the mat. Many of the videos are on nutrition and mental health, which is definitely up our alley here at The YogaMad.

Learning Paths

I particularly liked the use of collections to help users easily grow from easy classes to more advanced ones.


OneOEight is available online. Some resources claimed that OneOEight is be available on multiple platforms, however I am unable to find the app on iOS or Google Play.


You can access free videos within each category. However, if you want unlimited access to the library and premium content, you can sign up for a membership.

The subscription is $14 a month after the 10-day free trial.

Read more about OneOEight or get their free trial.

Youtube – Best free yoga classes

YouTube is one of the best free resources for learning. If you do not mind having to scout and find your preferred yoga teacher, or creating your learning journey DIY-style, then YouTube is definitely your go-to platform.

Learning Paths 

For the more established yoga channels such as Yoga with Adriene or Yoga with Tim, you would be able to find playlists that cater to different levels of practitioners. That said, if you want a structured way to move beyond beginner’s yoga, you would need to take time to create your own playlist and learning path.


All yoga videos on YouTube will be available on the app itself. Perhaps the only drawback is that you can only stream videos and not download them. Considering that YouTube is a free resource, I won’t complain about this.

Honorable Mentions

Yogaglo: One of the largest library of yoga-related videos online with 4000+ classes. This was one of my first paid yoga programs when I started an at-home practice. However, I feel that the app was a little overwhelming to use. New videos are continuously added, and several videos address the same needs – it becomes hard to assess what are the best classes to attend with so many competing options. You will probably have more videos than time to practise them all. If you want to join Yogaglo, it’s free for 15 days and charges $18 / month thereafter.

Alo Moves: Great personalized workouts for those who are searching for more advanced practices. It is free for 14 days and costs $20 / month thereafter.

The bottomline

All in all, the best yoga program is the one that you actually use. I have read many reviews and tried many programs, but stuck to few.

The point is to sign up and try all of these for free and make your judgement. What works for one person may not for another.

Let me know which program you enjoy most (and which you did not)!

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