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There’s a growing trend for cork yoga mats among yogis, especially for hot yoga. This is because the cork becomes even more grippy when wet, so you can maintain traction and balance even when you get super sweaty.

Their growing popularity also means there are more and more manufacturers launching cork yoga mats all the time, so choosing the best one can be cumbersome.

Luckily you’ve stumbled across this article. I’ve spent countless hours finding and reviewing cork yoga mats with the results share below.

Should I Get a Cork Yoga Mat?

Yes, there are many reasons why you should consider a cork yoga mat over a typical foam or rubber mat, for example:

  • They retain traction when wet due to the compound suberin in cork.
  • Cork is naturally antibacterial and resistant to mold and mildew which means they do not need cleaning as often.
  • Doesn’t absorb odors – no need to worry about having a smelly mat and putting off other people in your class. Cork doesn’t absorb odors and retains that woody smell.

See my dedicated article for a full list of the pros and cons of a cork yoga mat.

REMEMBER! A cork mat will become more grippy as you sweat, when you first begin a session, wet your hands a little to get some grip. Alternatively, do a little warm-up and your hands will get a little sweaty to help with grip.

Best Cork Yoga Mats

Here are the best cork yoga mats:

Keep reading for a full review of these recommendations with the pros and cons outlined for each mat.

At the end of the article is a full comparison table of the key specs for each cork yoga mat!

Best Overall: Yoloha Original


Good balance between firmness and cushion which makes it great for many poses
Textured surface provides good grip
Very lightweight which is ideal for carrying around


More expensive than others
TPE base is not overly eco-friendly

The best cork yoga mat is the Yoloha Original. The mat has a cork surface with foam underneath. This gives it a nice balance between firmness and cushion.

The mat is 6mm thick so it is very durable and can sustain vigorous practice. However, it doesn’t roll up to be particularly small so it’s not well suited to transporting around, despite its lightweight.

Cork yoga mats are known for being more lightweight than a similar size and thickness in other mats.

However, the Yoloha mat takes things to the next level, weighing in at just 1.13kg (2.5lbs) making it one of the lightest in this review, second only to the other Yoloha mat I like, but more on this later.

However, one downside to the Yoloha Original that may put some people off is that the base is made from TPE foam rather than natural rubber-like some of the other mats shared here. Whilst TPE isn’t as bad for the environment as something like PVC, it still originates from non-renewable sources so isn’t overly eco-friendly.

The mat is available in two sizes, however, if buying on Amazon there is a different listing for the larger size here.

Best with Alignment Lines: Body by Yoga


Lines on the mat hep beginners get the right alignment
Long size makes it ideal for tall people
Lots of cushion for your knees at 6.5mm thick


Much heavier and bulkier than others (best for home use)

Unlike some cheaper cork mats which have a smooth surface due to being highly processed, this one has an excellent texture that helps get a good grip.

One thing I love about this mat is the alignment lines. These make it very easy to check posture and alignment during practice. There seem to be very few cork yoga mats that have this feature compared to rubber or TPE  mats. 

At 6.5mm thick, it’s the thickest cork yoga mat I reviewed which means there’s lots of padding for your knees which is great for poses such as child’s pose or hero pose.

At 203cm (80”) long, it’s ideal for tall people and would be suitable for anyone up to around 6’2” which should cover most people, I also featured it in my guide to the best yoga mats for men for this reason. This means you can do savasana and even the splits completely on the mat.

However, the extra size and thickness mean this is quite a beefy mat, it’s the heaviest cork yoga mat I reviewed at 4kg (8.8lbs).

Budget Pick: Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat


Very affordable cork yoga mat
Very stable for standing poses


Shorter than other mats, best for people up to 5’4″
TPE base is not overly eco-friendly
Can roll up at the edges

If you’re on a tight budget, then they don’t come much cheaper than the Gaiam cork yoga mat. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of hot yoga, this is a good price for beginners.

It’s 5mm thick although not as well cushioned as the others which isn’t great for sore knees and being a cork mat means you can’t regularly fold it over as with other yoga mat materials. However, it’s excellent for standing poses as it’s very firm.

Some people have problems with it not staying flat on the ground after being rolled up. So if you’re looking for something to carry around, this probably isn’t the one.

The mat is made from natural cork with a TPE base. Don’t be confused by their use of ‘rubber’ in the description as TPE is a synthetic rubber and not a sustainable rubber like the SNΛKUGΛ and Yoga by Body mats. 

Like all cork yoga mats, it is anti-microbial so it doesn’t need cleaning all the time. The last thing you want to do after a yoga session is to spend time wiping it down.

The biggest downside to this mat is its size. At 173 x 61cm (68” x 24”) it’s the shortest length so it’s best for people around 5’2” or shorter (you could probably get away with up to 5’4” but I’d recommend a larger mat if possible).

Best for Cushion: Yoloha Aura


More cushioned than other mats due to high ratio of form-to-cork
Textured surface provides good grip
Very lightweight which is ideal for carrying around


TPE base is not overly eco-friendly
More expensive than others
Not as firm in standing poses as the Yoloha Original

I included Yoloha’s original cork mat as my number one recommendation, but I love them so much that I’m including another from their product range (there are 4 in total).

Like the original, the Aura is made from a cork surface with a TPE foam base, however, the Aura is much more cushioned. This is because the top layer of cork is thinner (0.8mm compared to 2mm in the original) and the foam is thicker, so it is still a 6mm mat overall.

Because the layer of cork is thinner, this mat is better for light use as it will wear more easily than the original. The mat is available in two sizes (183cm) 72” and (203cm) 80”. The smaller size is ideal for anyone up to 5’6”, whereas anyone taller should opt for the larger size.

Despite being a 6mm mat, the Yoloha Aura is the lightest mat of those reviewed here at just 1.27kg (2.8lbs). It rolls up to be about 14cm (5.5”) in diameter.

Although Yoloha claim that it is sustainable because no PVC or latex is used, TPE is also a material derived from oil so it’s not as sustainable as a cork mat with a rubber base.

Sustainable Pick: SNΛKUGΛ


Includes alignment lines for correct posture
Rubber base is more sustainable than TPE used in other mats
Reasonably priced


Contains latex which may cause a reaction

Despite struggling to understand exactly how to pronounce this brand, you’ll certainly be able to overlook that fact when you realize how great it is.

This is the only decent 4mm cork yoga mat I could find, which is surprising because it’s one of the most popular thicknesses among other types of yoga mat. 4mm is an ideal size as it is compact enough to roll up and take to classes, but still durable enough to use at home regularly too.

Similar to the Body by Yoga mat earlier, this one also has alignment lines to help with your posture. There are also 3 alternative designs, but I think this one is the best with the pattern in the middle. SNΛKUGΛ are open about the design rubbing off over time which I like the honesty and it’s just one of those things with a cork mat.

This is a more sustainable choice as the base is made from natural rubber and the top from cork. Of course, there are always more facts to consider when calling a product sustainable, but it’s among the best of those reviewed here.

Best for Classes: Shakti Warrior


Compact when rolled up, ideal for taking to class and comes with a carry strap
Made from sustainable materials
Several cool designs to chose from


Thinner mats can wear more easily in key areas
Not ‘extra-wide’ as advertised

Unlike most of the other brands here that have specialized in cork yoga mats, Shakti Warrior have a large range of different types of mat including this cork one.

At 3mm thick, it is an ideal size to choose if you need to regularly transport the mat to classes. However, mats at this thickness car wear more easily than thicker mats with heavy use, so you’ll have to make the trade-off. It’s also reasonably light to carry around at 1.9kg (4.1lbs) and comes with a handy carry strap included.

Similar to the SNΛKUGΛ mat above, this one is also made from a combination of natural rubber and cork which makes it fairly sustainable. They have several different designs. Personally, I like the Chakra design, however, there is also a Shivshakti and Samskara design.

Shakti claim that the mat is extra wide, however, this claim doesn’t stand up as 61cm (24”) is about the minimum you’d expect from a cork yoga mat.

Best for Travel: Yoga Design Lab


The thinner 1.5mm mat is ideal for travel as it will roll up very nicely for your suitcase
Available in several alternative thicknesses and in two design colors
Made from sustainable materials


On the shorter side at 178cm (70”)
Not the cheapest mat

The final cork yoga mat I would recommend comes from Yoga Design Lab. Whilst they offer several sizes of mat, the one I’ve specifically reviewed is the 1.5mm mat which is really easy to roll up and very compact so it’s ideal for travel or taking to classes.

If you’ve not thought about traveling with a cork yoga mat before, it’s well worth considering as they don’t absorb smells from your luggage or vice-versa. However, always ensure it is dry before packing!

The design is quite cool and available in either black or white depending upon your taste. If you’d rather something a little thicker, it’s also in 3.5mm and 5.5mm.

Similar to the SNΛKUGΛ and Shakti Warrior cork mats, this one is also made from natural rubber and natural cork.

The only downside to this mat is that it only comes in one length which is fairly short at 178cm (70”), although not the shortest of those reviewed here. It’s best for people under 5’4” if you want to have the option to comfortably lie on the mat in savasana.

The 1.5mm mat is reasonably priced and you get 10% off when you purchase other Yoga Design Lab products so you can pair it with some cork yoga blocks too.

Product Comparison Table

Here is a table to compare the key specs of each cork yoga mat I have recommended:

Yoloha OriginalBody by YogaGaiamYoloha AuraSNΛKUGΛShakti WarriorYoga Design Lab
LengthS: 183cm (72")
L: 203cm (80”)
203cm (80”)173cm (68”)S: 183cm (72")
L: 203cm (80”)
183cm (72")183cm (72")178cm (70")
Width66cm (26”)66cm (26”)61cm (24”)66cm (26”)66cm (26”)61cm (24”)61cm (24”)
Weight1.1kg (2.5lbs)4kg (8.8lbs)2kg (4.5lbs)1.27kg (2.8lbs)6.2lbs (2.8kg)1.9kg (4.1lbs)1.6kg (3.5lbs)
MaterialCork, TPECork, UnknownCork, TPECork, TPECork, Natural RbberCork, Natural RbberCork, Natural Rbber
Where to BuyAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazon

Related Questions

What Size Yoga Mat Do I Need?

Typically, you’ll want the length of the yoga mat to be around 15cm (6″) longer than your body so that you can lie down and still be on the mat. As for thickness, 4-5mm is quite standard. Slimmer mats in the region of 2-3mm are easier to transport whereas thicker mats 6mm+ provide extra cushion for your knees, but at the expense of weight.

For more information, see my full guide to choosing the correct size yoga mat.