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As you’re probably aware, doing yoga sometimes requires using some additional accessories in your practice.

These are important as they help you stretch even more and really achieve a lot with your time.

One of these accessories is the yoga wheel.

Depending on what your needs are and how you like to go about your practice, different ones will be the right fit for you.

As someone who has been into yoga for quite some time now, I’ve been able to go through loads of different ones, so I’ve managed to gather the 8 best ones that you could choose from and choose the exact one you want.

Let’s get right into it!

UpCircleSeven Dharma

Going for bundles that have multiple yoga wheels can be a great choice if you wish to work for more muscle groups and have a nice stretch and release upper back pain.

That’s why you should consider this one.

If you go for the bundle, you will get a wheel that has a diameter of 6, 10, or 12 inches, and that can work for literally any body part you wish to press firmly and have a good stretch with when you take a deep breath.

It’s especially good for tight knots that you might not be able to reach otherwise, so if that’s your problem, but you’re out of ideas, definitely go for this one.


  • Weight limit at 550 ponds
  • The option to use multiple wheel sizes
  • Very thick padding at 8mm
  • Provides you with a PDF file with yoga poses that you can do


  • More expensive option than buying just one wheel

Risefit Dharma

The Risefit Dharma is known for being probably one of the sturdiest yoga wheels on the market, so if that’s what you want and what’s important for you, then search no more.

It’s also very easy to carry to the gym or wherever it is that you do your exercises, so if you have a hard schedule to work around, consider this a good option.

The material it’s made from is a TPE foam, which is quickly becoming a favorite among people.

You also get a 3-year guarantee, so in case something happens to it, you’ll be able to work it out with the company.


  • Weight limit at 1000 lbs
  • The strongest wheel on the market
  • Comes with a carry-on bag and a poses guide
  • Comes with a 3-year guarantee


  • On the more expensive side

REEHUT Premium

If you need a yoga wheel specifically for the purpose of getting a deeper stretch and taking deep breaths to increase blood flow, this one could be the choice for you.

It’s made from a TPE foam hybrid, meaning that you can be completely carefree about things like sweat absorption.

It’s also good for toning your core muscles, as well as doing some good hip flexors.

What’s sure is that there is no chance of slipping with a material like this under you.

This also means that cleaning it will take only a simple wipe down, so you won’t be lazy to clean it before dealing with your chronic back pain and tight hamstrings.


  • Has optimal grip because of the sweat-resistance
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Good back wheel for stretching your back
  • Easy to clean


  • The weight limit is only 200 lbs

Gaiam Yoga Wheel

When you first go to get a nice stretch and do restorative poses with this yoga wheel, you might be confused with the smell once you take a deep inhale, as it smells of rubber.

However, it’s made out of completely natural materials, so it’s great if that’s something that’s important to you.

The surface of it is nice and non-slip, the texture is quite grippy, and no matter if you need this for your yoga practice and yoga poses, or a barre practice, it will be still.

It’s a good choice for both indoor and outdoor practices, so no matter what you do and where you like to do it, this one will be able to follow you.


  • Works to release tension
  • Wide variety of designs available
  • Doesn’t absorb sweat, water, or bad odor
  • Closed-cell design


  • The material and its smell are an issue for some

Shogun Sports

Enriching your yoga practice with the right yoga wheel can mean that you use a yoga wheel that’s from a California-based brand, which is exactly what this one is.

Whether it’s yoga blocks, a yoga mat, or another tool for pain relief, going for something from California always means that you will be met with great quality, and this one proves that.

They have two options with this one, you can either just take the one typical yoga wheel, or you can get a bundle with three different yoga wheels that you can choose in different situations.

Using all of them can have so many benefits, so be sure to at least consider it, especially if you’re a fitness enthusiast.

Whether you’re doing body awareness, or you need a foam roller for a balance challenge or herniated discs, this one will be able to hold up as it can hold up to 500 pounds.


  • Comes in a bundle
  • Well-known manufacturer
  • Good for both beginners and advanced yogis
  • Makes you able to learn hard poses faster


  • If you like firm yoga props, this one might be too stiff

Acumobility Yoga Wheel

If you don’t want to get something made out of unrecyclable plastic, but you don’t work too well with something made out of wood, then this can be the right choice for you.

Among yoga tools, recyclable PC Alloy has become a popular material, and that’s exactly what this yoga wheel is made out of.

Like other yoga gear from this material, it’s great for helping you lean forward or do the wheel pose, have your legs extended, and generally use a yoga wheel for whatever you need it for.

It fits amazingly well between the shoulder blades, but your entire body, hip flexors, seated position, and generally anything of the yoga wheel pose.

Whatever you use it for, your muscle tension is sure to e released.


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Great if you don’t like either the plastic nor the wood yoga wheels
  • Thick padding
  • Very low chance of pulling tight muscles


  • Doesn’t hold up exactly up to 500lbs, as the makers state it does

Dharma Yoga Wheel

Being able to fully flex during practice can be an issue for a lot of people, no matter where you place the yoga wheel and how you work your core muscles.

However, this wheel is lightweight and very sturdy together with that, meaning that this won’t be a problem during your yoga practices.

It’s made from very thick thermoplastic elastomer, and that means that your upper body, specifically the shoulder blades, shoulder muscles, and upper back, will be very in tune with this pillow-like structure.


  • Very popular wherever it’s sold
  • Very sturdy
  • You can stretch a lot but stay comfortable
  • Portable


  • It can be too lightweight for some people


This yoga wheel is made from a non-slip padded cork, making this a very eco-friendly option to go for if that is something that’s important for you.

If you or your yoga studio care about aesthetics, this back roller wheel will be a great choice as it has a very nice mandala print on it, and I’m not going to lie; that was the first thing that attracted me to it.

It’s able to hold up to 550 pounds, so it’s truly a durable thing that you can buy without worrying that your body weight will crush it.


  • Made from cork
  • Attractive design
  • Eco-friendly option
  • It can hold up to 550 pounds


  • On the pricier side compared to most yoga wheels

Wrap Up

As you can see, yoga wheels differ not only in their pricing but in the way they are made, what materials are used and what texture they have.

The choice you make depends completely on these details, as they will dictate your exercise regimen.

Don’t forget that the best yoga wheel is the one that gives you a deeper stretch in various yoga poses, which is the main role of a yoga prop, including the roller wheel as well as a yoga block and all other ones.