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Chakra bracelets are trendy accessories that will allow you to look chic and help you rebalance your energy at the same time.

There are thousands of different chakra bracelets with other stones that will help you balance your energy centers and keep it calm throughout your daily life.

If you are looking for a perfect chakra crystal bracelet that will heal you from negative energy and be your daily accessory, you can try out some of these best chakra bracelets on the market.

Best Chakra Bracelet

These are the best chakra bracelets on the market that will help you heal from negative energy and regain balance with your body and soul.

They are also wonderful, so they will look like excellent accessories.

7 chakra healing prayers stone beaded bracelet

If you are looking for a bracelet with separate chakra stones for all your energy centers that aren’t too stiff or hard, this beaded bracelet with prayer stones is a great option.

It has simple chakra beads for every center, and you can heal all 7 chakra centers and easily regulate negative vibrations within your body.

The size is adjustable so that it will work on every hand, and it isn’t too harsh so that the material won’t cut into your skin.

It has shown to be very comfortable for me, unlike many chakra bracelets that are too hard and make my hand feel like I’m carrying a weight.

This bracelet is universal, so both men and women can use it, and I felt my energy flowing whenever I was using it, so its stones can help you feel a bit better and add positive energy to your life.

The only downside is that it is a bit more expensive than most chakra bracelets, but I would say it is worth it.

In my experience, this is the best chakra bracelet I have tried out, and it provides you with all the chakra bracelet benefits, so I would say it is worth the money.


  • Adjustable size
  • Lightweight
  • Heals all 7 chakra centers


  • Expensive

Bivei Natural Semi Precious Gemstone Beads Bracelet

Bivei bracelets are phenomenal chakra bracelets that come with stones for every chakra and a tree of life charm that brings change and serenity into your life.

Their products are lightweight and mainly targeted at women because of their simple and light design.

It has two rows of healing chakra stones, and you can be sure you will heal and balance all the chakras with it.

This bracelet was a fantastic accessory for me, and I was wearing it all the time, but even though it is light, it can get overwhelming because you have two entire rows of stones and a charm hanging from it, so it is not always practical.

The design is fantastic, and since it has a wide concentration of stones for healing all chakras, it can also be used during meditation to help you awaken your psychic abilities.

The charm may be a bit too much for me, but this is not one of those fake chakra bracelets, and you will see that these gemstones will help you a lot when you meditate or try to awaken your creativity and feminine energy centers.

If it isn’t too big for your wrist, it is one of the chakra bracelets you need to buy.


  • heals all 7 chakras
  • several healing gemstones
  • tree of life charm


  • can be too big or stiff for some people

Build your Chakra bracelet

Build your Chakra bracelets have become very popular because they allow you to build your personalized bracelet that will focus on the chakras you want to balance out.

This means that you don’t need to look for a bracelet that provides you with 7 chakra healing; instead, choose exceptional gemstones and focus on your root chakra, sacral chakra, or heart chakra to bring balance into only one or two aspects of your life to.

In my opinion, if you are looking to heal your energy and maintain balance, this chakra bracelet is probably the best option because it allows you to focus on an individual chakra and things you are struggling with in your daily lives.

Whatever type of chakras you choose to heal, you can be sure the beads in these bracelets are unique, and their crystals are sources throughout the whole world.

Since it is beaded, the design can be pretty stiff, and if you are looking to heal specific chakras and get darker-toned crystals, it won’t look like the most trendy piece of jewelry, but it serves its purpose.

You can also choose which sort of aura you want to embody and whether you want to work on your feminine or masculine side or add self love into your life which will help them come up with a personalized design and crystals you will wear daily.

Overall, it is an excellent piece of jewelry, and it is fantastic for healing, but it is costly, and you can even create it yourself if you find suitable stones.


  • Focuses on the chakra that needs healing
  • Personalized


  • Very expensive
  • Not the most beautiful design

Plaza Chakra healing bracelet

Plaza chakra healing bracelets are trendy because of their trendy designs, and people wear them without even knowing it is a chakra bracelet because it is beautiful and comes in different crystals, from citrine to amethyst.

It is a 4mm bracelet, and although it is very light on the hand, sometimes I would feel like it is inching me because it consists only of gemstones so it may feel uncomfortable at times.

You can choose which one of the chakra bracelets you want, and they are usually focused on only one chakra, so you can choose whether you will be healing sacral chakra, root chakra, or eye chakra and get a bracelet according to that.

It was a good purchase, but I prefer 7 chakra bracelets because they help me deal with self-love, physical health, and self-confidence all in one.

This one is good, but I wouldn’t say it is strong enough, and it didn’t help me align my consciousness and connect with myself as much as other bracelets would.

However, if you are getting into the world of reiki healing and gemstones, this one will have a huge impact on your and help you align more with your inner self, so if you have never had chakra bracelets before, you may want to give it a try before you move onto something stronger.


  • Focuses on one chakra
  • Affordable
  • Cute design


  • Slightly rough
  • Not strong enough

FlipFit Tiger eye bracelet

Tiger eye bracelets are considered to be very strong because of the tourmaline, and it can help you with self love, self confidence, but also with compassion and creativity.

They are very simple and strong, but you need to wear them with caution, and they shouldn’t be worn throughout the whole day.

If you struggle with these things and have never had a chakra bracelet before, you should try it out because its chakra stones will provide you with results quickly.

It helps mainly with the root chakra and sacral chakra, but it seemed to be too impactful at times for me.

The design is adjustable, but it could feel a bit rough and stiff at times, so make sure you get it in size larger if you want it to feel comfortable on your wrist.

It can also be kept at your bedside table if you don’t feel like you should be wearing it outside, and it is really powerful, so I would recommend wearing it with caution and only when you have gone through a step or two of healing.

The tiger’s eye is also very affordable and can be found anywhere, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on it.


  • Powerful
  • Adjustable design
  • Affordable


  • Stiff and rough


There are plenty of chakra bracelets on the market, and depending on the chakras you want to awaken, you can choose the ones that work the best for you.

Whether it is all 7 chakras or just throat chakra, or you need some tiger eye, all of these options are available, and you can get the desired bracelet today.

Choose the one that works the best for your needs and see how the healing process and your life start changing.