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If you are looking for a different or new form of exercise to add to your regime or to fuel your ambition to be fitter and healthier, there are countless options to work through and consider! There are new trends and hot topics every year from Zumba to spinning to kickboxing, but when it really gets down to it, some of the best options are the tried and tested classics.

One such classic is yoga, a form of exercise that truly anybody can do, even someone starting to exercise from scratch. Everybody has to start somewhere when it comes to yoga, and one of the most wonderful aspects of the overall concept is that there are several different ‘types’ that you can try before settling on a favourite. Here are some of the best types of yoga for total beginners.

5 Best Types of Yoga for Beginners

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is considered to be one of the most gentle forms of yoga, and therefore ideal for people who are starting out whether they are new to an exercise regime or just yoga. It has a slower pace, and requires each pose to only be held for a few breaths before releasing. Hatha is a great place to start because it can very gently start to build up your stamina whilst introducing you to the basics.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a slightly more dynamic form, requiring you to knit your moves together in a fast, almost dance like manner. This faster tempo puts more emphasis on perfecting your breaths between moves. Be prepared to experience a raised heart rate when performing Vinyasa yoga, with music often being incorporated into the routine.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is a great place to start if you are the kind of person who is very disciplined and very detail-oriented. Iyengar is all about precision in your moves, perfect alignment in your body and using extra accessories like yoga blocks along with yoga mats such as those found at Yoga Studio Store. If there is a touch of perfectionism in your personality, then Iyengar yoga might be a match made in heaven.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is another type of yoga that is very disciplined and very detail-oriented, so you might want to experiment with both Iyengar and Ashtanga at the same to see which you prefer. This particular type consists of six sequence series of yoga poses that flow into one another, with breathing being a very central and important factor.

Bikram Yoga

If you want to get the absolute most out of a set time limit, then the unusual setting of Bikram yoga might be the best choice for you. The form consists of a series of specific poses carried out with breathing exercises, with the unique difference that the room in which the yoga is being done is heated to around 105 degrees with 40 per cent humidity. The extra sweat released in these conditions can really feel like a full detox alongside the other stretching, strengthening benefits of the moves.

5 Best Types of Yoga for Beginners

The best place to start is with the basic and gentler poses, no matter your level of fitness. As you become more flexible and disciplined you can move into the more complex forms of yoga.

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